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New to Folksy just wanted to say Hi

Hi all I’ve just joined and opened a shop, I have been selling on other sites but I really like the look of Folksy and it’s great how quick and easy it is to list items compared to other sites, although I imagine that finding sales won’t be as quick and easy but I’ll give it a go.


Welcome! Lovely shop Susan, hope you do really well!

Hi Susan, Welcome!
Your shop items are so cute, good luck with everything! :grinning:

Hi, welcome to folksy where the forums are friendly and fabulous! :wink: xx

Love those very cute booties and some great ribbons x

Hi and welcome. What a gorgeous shop you have. Those little baby booties are lovely :two_hearts:

Ok so Im new here as well & thought Id say hello. :sunglasses:
Lovely shops I`ve seen so far & such a variety of things Really looking forward to being a regular here.
Have a great evening everyone… !:slight_smile:


Hi Mark, your shop has some fab items, really nice! Welcome to Folksy, hope you do well!

Good luck with the sales.I too have joined from another site. Hoping this one will be more successful

Hi to all you lovely Newbies :slight_smile:

Great work in all of your shops - just given you all a favourite.

Good Luck and here’s hoping you have lots of sales x

Hello & welcome to Folksy :wave:

I’m off to have a nosy now at your lovely shops.

Karen x

Welcome to Folksy, lovely shop, hope you do well :slight_smile:

Thankyou everyone for your kind replies, I’ve loved looking at your lovely shops. I’m a bit late replying as I couldn’t even work out how to get back on here, I suppose a bit like starting a new job and getting lost in the building.

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welcome to folksy…everyone here is lovely…

Hi - welcome to the Folksy community. Hope you love it as much as I do. x

Hello! I’m new to Folksy and wanted to say “hi” to everyone. . My name is Julie and I make cards and scrapbook albums. There are so many lovely things for sale on this site. So far I am finding Folksy very easy to use with lots of helpful guides and I’ve just had my first sale so I’m very excited! Looking forward to being part of the Folksy community.

Very neat quilling there, and well done on your first sale :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Folksy Susan and the best of luck with your lovely shop! :smile:

I have just come back I think folksy is well set out and easy to use. Your shop is lovely and love your pretty buttons good luck :blush::two_hearts:x

Hi everyone:)
I’ve just opened this shop on Folksy.
I had a different shop here before for a couple of years 2008-10, but didn’t get many sales, and moved it to another site.
I decided to open this shop here when I found out there was now a weddings category.
Its difficult starting up a new shop again with no sales or feedback, but I really like the folksy site…its attractive, easy to use and the sellers are all so nice. Just hoping for a few sales now :slight_smile: