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New to folksy - Pre valentines sale

(Tigerlee Roxx London) #1

Hi everyone,

I am new to folksy and I really can’t wait to start showcasing my work and seeing yours also I am having pre valentines sale starting this Wednesday 11th so please have a look at my page I will be adding much more item over next few days

Kind regards
Tigerlee Roxx

(Heidi Meier) #2

Looks great! You might also want to add in the Meet the Makers bit, as this gives people the chance to find out more about you (people like buying from a person they can identify with or know something about). Also a little bit about how you make your stuff would be good, the bracelets look amazing - do you make them from moulds or are they hand carved (? right expression??) All this adds to your ‘brand’. Good luck! :smile:

(Tigerlee Roxx London) #3

Thank you it will most definetly much appreciated