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Hi everyone!

(BeautyBeads) #1

I’m new here, only just opened my shop and thought I would shout Hello to the Folksy world!!

Any advice and tips for a new girl?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi Nikki and welcome to Folksy! I’ve had a look round your shop and I love your watermelon tote bag! Your personalised items should do well, they always seem popular. You’ve got some good photos and detailed descriptions. All you need to do now is promote like crazy and be patient. First sales can take a while. Why not join in with some of the other threads on the forum, there’s lots of good advice here and people are very helpful. Also bear in mind that there are buyers (like me!) here as well as sellers :smile:

(Susannah Ayre) #3

You want to make sure you have both kinds of measurements- you seem to have mixed a few.
I’d also include some close ups of some of the bracelets- your current photos are good but on the few I looked at particularly of the beaded ones I’d put a close up of some of the beads.
:blush: good luck with it all! Definitely plenty of promoting to do now! Have fun!!

(Linda Wild) #4

Hi Nikki, welcome to Folksy. I can only echo the good advice that youv’e already been given. Don’t become too despondent if you have to wait a while for your first sale, I waited 3 months for mine!

Good luck!