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Needing hearts

(Faye Huxham) #1

Hi I am new on Folksy and need someone to heart some of my things if you can heart some of them I would be very thankful. I am attending a craft show next week so will see what happens. :blush:

(Rhiannon Rose) #2

Good morning!
I have spread the love with your shop. There are lots of threads where you can promote your items as well, mostly in the “showcase” section. Good luck with the show.

(Faye Huxham) #3

Thank you so much lovely jewellery by the way. I love the colors. :relaxed:

(CopperTobi) #4

Hiya! I add some hearts from me :slight_smile: I’m new too and would love some of them too :wink:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

I have loved afew bits. Join in on some of the other threads.
Everyone is very lovely and helpful

(CopperTobi) #6

Joining as much as I can :slight_smile: Hopefully will have more time for it soon :slight_smile: