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New work uploaded :)

(Jannine Neale Artist) #1

Hi I’ve uploaded some new images, cards, postcards for sale in my shop. Please have a look and support my shop quest if you like what u see :slight_smile: love Jannine x

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi Jannine, beautiful trees. I can’t see the winter tree one in your shop though, is it still in draft maybe?

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I can see it now, looks fab!

(Liz Lothian ) #4

Lovely cards.

(Jannine Neale Artist) #5

Thanku Liz! And thanks so much for making my first sale :slight_smile: it gave me a great feeling :smiley: popping it in the post to u tomo with a little extra something :slight_smile: x

(Liz Lothian ) #6

I love sea scapes, can’t wait to see it. One of the patterns I use in my knitting is “shale” which resembles the patterns left in the sand by the sea. Good luck with your cards. Liz.

(Jannine Neale Artist) #7

That sounds lovely :slight_smile: we both love the patterns in the sand the tide makes as it goes out then :slight_smile: addressed parcel to mr.Lothian look forward to you receiving it :smiley: thank you again for ur good luck and support. Your shop is lovely to! :slight_smile: