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Hello - just relaunched my shop!

(HeidiMeier) #1

Hello everyone - it’s @Textiletreasure here, in my new guise of Heidi Meier Textiles, having just set up a new shop to sell my textile pictures.

Some of you may remember I had been chatting about how to separate ‘old’ designs from new work, and I have at last taken the step to separate my older designs from my ongoing work. As I list the new designs I will remove them from my old shop.

It’s a big step and means lots of work, but hopefully will mean that once my stock of older designs have been sold I can concentrate on just the one shop with its new name.

So a big thanks to everyone who gave my advice along the way and I’ve no doubt I’ll be back for more soon!

(Bee Skelton) #2

Looking good Heidi! All your work is so good. I do like the more personal nature of your new shop name.

(So Sew Megan) #3

The shop looks great and I have "loved " your fabulous bicycle picture.

(Kelly) #4

Welcome back @HeidiMeier & nice to meet you! You’re textile art is fabulous! x

(Margaret Jackson) #5

Welcome back, lovely pictures, good luck!

(HeidiMeier) #6

Thanks everyone for saying Hi! @StudioBeeArt - you are very kind thank you! I’ve been thinking about changing the name for ages now (about two years lol) but it was a recent conversation here on Folksy that spurred me on. @SoSewMegan thank you for favouriting the bicycle! I want to sew a few more bicycle pictures when I get a chance as it was great fun to make, and was actually the picture that ‘developed’ my style into something a bit different. @tagpress and @Louisa15 thanks for the nice comments. I really want to take my hobby into being a ‘proper’ business so am hoping my new shop will give me the chance to do that! :smile:

(Tina Martin) #7

Just took a peek at your new shop, your work is fabulous, hope you have plenty of sales! :slight_smile:

(HeidiMeier) #8

Thanks @DaisyWings - it’ll be a bit of a long slog as we are just about to hit summer holidays when all work for me tends to stop in its tracks, but I have September in my mind for a formal relaunch!! :slight_smile: