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New Year craft resolutions 2017

I just wondered what people plan and hope to do next year.
On a non craft related note Ive decided to convince myself that Im 31 instead of 41, seeing as I have no idea where the last 10 years went.

After a slow internet year and not much better with craft fairs, I feel I have enough craft stock to last a few years, so Ive decided to stop crafting and get back to sewing. Il be making things for myself. I plan to make a few summer items while the weather is cold.

What are your crafty plans for 2017?

I intend to tackle Instagram, need to get around the uploading pics from pc issue.

My crafty new years resolution is to reduce the number of cabochons I buy - I have plenty in the stash, I don’t really need any more (unless they are for a specific commission) but they are so pretty and I find them hard to resist.

Mine is to use up at least some of my stash before buying any new papers/toppers, and also to try some different card shapes/styles.

@DeborahJonesJewellery I always thought instagram was for pics from a phone so Ive avoided looking at it(as I have no idea how to get pics off my phone, and will it cost me anything to do it) If its for normal pc pics Il give it a go.

It is pics from phone, but there are ways of getting the ones on the pc onto phone to upload. I like to edit mine on the PC before uploading. Earlier in the year I managed to add about 10 pics, but then promptly forgot how. Maybe I emailed them to myself? I can’t recall- but it certainly didn’t cost anything.

for those with Instagram issues, obviously the easiest way is to have a smart phone & just do it directly. Remember though that Instagram lowers the quality of the image so you may want to keep the original photo as well depending on what it’s of usually.
You can edit photos on most phones & then of course Instagram itself has all of its edit facilities.
Most phones can connect to a computer to take the photos off. You generally just use a USB cable- usually just the one you charge your phone with. Then your phone essentially just acts like amemory stick and you can just drag & drop what you want on and off your phone as normal. (You can put photos on your phone as well as remove them).
You can email them to yourself from your phone, but may well lose quality again. If I email photos to people from my phone, I always get asked as to the quality I want to send them in. Sometimes you can’t send the highest quality image by email as emails have a limit on the size of file they can send.
If your phone & laptop/computer has Bluetooth you can always send them like that too.
All of these methods are free presuming for emails you have wifi/enough data.

It’s also worth remembering that if you’re using a phone that isn’t a smart phone (or even if it is), how decent is the camera on it? The older the phone the lower quality the camera & the grainier your photos will be. So for people using smartphones or computers to view Instagram the photos won’t look an amazing quality.
If the camera on the phone is old, it’s probably not worth bothering & you’d be better off using an actual camera to upload photos that way.

Not sure if that’s helpful to anyone. Just thought I’d try & shed some light. I personally use Instagram (I love it) but I only use it on my iphone so can’t provide any direct help with using Instagram on a computer. :slight_smile:

Thanks Susannah,
I shall play about with the options you mention.
Personally I like to see the pics and edit on the big screen as my eyes are getting on a bit, and my phone screen is titchy.

Mine is to list the things I have in stock that appear nowhere online so are never going to be sold! I have run my Folksy shop empty but may use it to stock my large photo albums which are too heavy post overseas which is why they are not listed elsewhere!

I love Ig btw - my favourite Social Media platform I think!

Yeah I can understand that. Just have to find the easiest most convenient way of doing it otherwise it becomes a chore and you’ll find you rarely do it. Good to have a play around. :slight_smile:

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I plan to make some skinny ties of silk which I can then dye. That’s if the internet sales stop long enough for me to stop making ,photographing uploading and driving to the post office.

I’m in denial about my age too. I’m only in my late 20’s but can’t believe I’m closer to 30 than 20 when I still feel as clueless as a teenager 0_o

Creativity-wise, I’m hoping 2017 will be the year I find real focus and direction with my illustration.