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Your craft changes for 2016

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Im having a word with myself.
I need to focus on what Im doing craft wise.
Ive decided to put a lot of my jewellery (poisoned apple jewellery shop) in a sale as I wont be making jewellery anymore.
Ive decided to focus on soldering and fabric. Soldering is rather Christmassy, eg my Xmas tree decorations, but Id really like to get more into my own fabric designing/printing and making, I already make my own cushion covers.

So 2016 will be a fabric year where I shall try to make practical item like bags with my own fabrics.

Are you thinking of having a craft overhaul, refocusing your ideas?
Post here and let us know.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Yes, I’m planning a few changes too :smile:

My Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery shop will be run down in stock when the Plus Account expires, I will probably just keep a few items listed there, but my main focus will be Dandelion’s Gallery.

I’m extending my pet signs range, re-jigging my prices, and am thinking about stopping doing the classic style pet portraits - I enjoy the cartoon style portraits and pet signs much more, so would rather focus on them, especially as they are my best sellers.

I’m also making the commitment to get back into lino printing :smile:

Here’s to an exciting 2016 for us all!

(Diane Burton) #3

I’m hoping to diversify a bit, staying with papercraft but making more of my decoupaged canvases (and experimenting with different sizes) and maybe including some note books or boxes with decoupaged decoration. I also plan on looking out for more craft fairs might even risk one or two larger (and more expensive) fairs.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #4

Hello Grimm, @GrimmExhibition I have ideas too!
Over the years I have made so many different things selling through craft fairs, and for several years I had a weekly stall in our Country Markets, as well as selling in our local shop on The Green. But when I opened my Folksy shop I filled it with my knitted goodies, but I still have piles of fabrics waiting to be made into… I have a box of ribbons, two drawers of buttons and a little gold book of ‘Brilliant Ideas’!
So lavender bags, moon gazing hares, knitted flower brooches and hair clips…I need to include a £5 price point to my shop.
Roll on 2016!!
Nothing quite as ambitious as your printing works, so I look forward to seeing your new collections in the new year.
Suzzie x

(sophiesparkles) #5

Hi. I’m new to Folksy so thought it would be a good idea to get involved in the forum!

My craft focus is wirework jewellery and wall art and I will be continuing with this focus throughout 2016 but have several ideas for new ranges to enhance my existing designs and ranges.

Being new to Folksy, one of my big focuses early on is to expand on my little shop and really make it work for me. I also need to be more organised and write down my ideas so they don’t get lost in my head. Photography is a big focus for next year too

(Liz Clark) #6

I’m hoping to do some larger items using chickenwire as a base for doing some textile animals. I’d really like to do a fox - I’m looking forward to the challenge!

(Sarah Lambert) #7

Yes , I’m going to do more primitives too, like I used to, I was deleting expired items on here the other day and seeing again the primitives that had sold when I first came here made me think I miss doing it, also going to do some more dogs. But I won’t be giving up jewellery, I love it too much :smile:

(Helen Smith) #8

I’m really hoping to take enough over Christmas to be able to invest in a glass polishing machine (glass working machinery is scary scary expensive) so I can make more printed glass blocks like this one without completely wearing out my arms polishing them…

(Emma Rogerson) #9

It’s great reading everyone’s plans.
I’d like to go back to selling nursery prints. It’s where I started then concentrated on cards solely because I hated the framing. Now I am going to sell unframed prints and see how that goes. I am working on the range as we speak!

(Rosesworkshop) #10

I’m going to concentrate on higher priced items for my online shops, since it takes just as much time to take photos and write listings whether the item sells for £5 or £50. I will still keep a few small items, but only where I can make many the same and relist when sold.

(Jennifer Combes) #11

I’ll be getting professional photos done in Jan and increasing my wedding, invitations and print range.