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2021 Planning and makes

As most of you know from the daily thread have closed my shop until the 1st. At which point have sorted stock with a 50% reduction sale. Other items will be hidden until the 1st Feb.

In the meantime planning new ideas for 2021. Have a new journal ready and a sewing project book, to write materials, photos, costing, etc in. Got last year and never used, lol.

Thought we could post our planning tips and new projects in the pipeline.


I’ve had to chuck much of my usual calendar planning out of the window as a number of organisations I’m part of are rethinking how they do their big events in response to the lock downs and event cancellations we’ve had this year. A number of deadlines have shifted and they are waiting to see what happens which means I’ve got to wait to see what happens!
(I also work in the exams office for a local college so obviously more waiting to see what happens to next year’s summer exam season!)

My latest make that will go live on the 1st Feb. Rigid card mini tubes wrapped with silk fabric, wire, seed beads topped with crackle glass beads, tassel at the bottom and a large lobster clasp at the top. Can be used as a handbag charm or key ring.

Have had this as in the project storage boxes for a few months, well nearer 8! lol. Now have the time to make them. 6 so far may do some more later.


These are really lovely!

I am a bit of a planner and list writer but I also like to throw in a large helping of randomness.
Got lists and drawings all over the place and all mixed in together - I’m banking on the theory that the act of writing it down can be enough to get it into the memory without needing to refer back. :rofl:

I have some new equipment I’m going to get to grips with in the new year and a number of half finished projects in the project ‘tombola’ (never mastered doing one thing at a time), need to remake things that sold, also previously planned but not executed projects… plus of course whatever takes my whim.

It’s always a mental leap for me that there is a new year to consider after the effort of getting to the end of the year, so good to start considering. :grinning:


I must admit sometimes just go with the flow. Normally happens when looking for something that I know I have, find something else and go off at a tangent.

I’ve asked Santa for a Maker’s Yearbook to help me be more organised and strategic next year. As a relatively new shop it was hard to know what would sell best, especially approaching Christmas.
My plan is to focus primarily on one of a kind shawls and scarves knitted in hand dyed yarns as they seem to sell well plus I love making them :blush::yarn:

I had that a few years ago, very good.

Hope Santa brings it, it’s a fabulous tool. Xx

Hi all, so interesting to hear other people’s plans. My plans for this and every January are to tidy up the studio as it becomes a bit of a pit throughout the crazy months leading up to Christmas. Anyone else keep boxes from deliveries because “they might come in useful one day”?! I also want to improve my photography and SEO etc on my listings.

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Not much planning with my shop as I’ve got a grandbaby on the way in the new year so I’m going to be busy knitting and crocheting for him/her.
To this end, I have removed all made to order items from my shop. I also have a lot of items heavily reduced. I’m not closing, just want a bit of a clear out.

Well my plan for next year depends on the work situation out there. If I can find a job fairly quickly (which I doubt) unfortunately I won’t have much time to create and paint. But if, more likely, I will be without a job for a few months, I want to paint the T-shirts and accessories I have already bought (so I can fill my shop up a bit and clear my stock), I’ll probably give to charity a couple of things I haven’t sold yet and are tired of seeing, and I will definitely increase the price of the items on sale as after comparing myself to other people that do what I do, I discovered that my items are quite underpriced. Then, depending on how many new stuff I can add to the shop, I might create a Pinterest account. :blush:

Hope you find a job Annamaria, just so grateful that is long behind us now retired at 50 in 2008 and never looked back.

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For me, 2020 has been a year of learning. The first couple of months saw us out and about at fairs and craft events - then lockdown.

Over the past 3 months I’ve seen a rush of orders (for me anyway) and that has forced me to rethink my workflow and admin. Handling sales at a fair is so much simpler than on-line - First getting the items photographed with a good description, loading them up onto the store, and following through with any enquiries. Once you’ve made a sale you have addresses and postage to think about.

So my plan for 2021 is to be more organised - make for the big events (starting with Valentines & Easter) and make sure that my admin is streamlined and tidy.

Have a safe & peaceful Christmas everyone.

Doing a craft activity really helps me to stay sane. I hope you do get the job you want, but even if you do, stick with your crafting.

Good luck with the job hunting

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I plan on trying to use up a bit of my vast amount of wool as it is slowly taking over the house. Lots of new ideas in my head which I will be making a start on soon.

So funny DH says I could open a shop. Don’t know what he means, lol.

I am trying to use what I have instead of buying but do have to buy a few things plus want to keep out pretty Postie in a job!

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I’m starting back slow and steady, with a lot more consideration.
Most of the interest in my work has come in the form of custom orders so I will be doing a lot more of those on and off Folksy.

Planning wise I have some new figures in the works and will be gradually adding these to my Folksy shop front during the first part of the year. Not just cats! Dogs are a way off but will have some other animals.

I’ll also be investing time in Photography and editing.