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No more sewing bee :(

Just read that the Sewing Bee isn’t going to be re commissioned this year. Loved that show, very sad.


I had heard (or rather seen) a rumour that it wasn’t coming back :cry: such a shame

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I’m disappointed too…:cry:

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Nooooooooooo. Can Patrick have his own show please :wink:


Oh no! Say it’s not so :sob:

I’m afraid Sewing Bee fell victim to the feud between the BBC and the company that makes this program and among others (say it in a whisper) Bake Off. Once again, greed has made the world a slightly worse place.

Sam x

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Well that’s not a great start to the week :scream: - I’ll have to go and console myself with The Big Painting Challenge :wink:

That’s sad news, I love that programme! It even encouraged my husband to take an interest in sewing. Have been enjoying the throw down these last few weeks. Wish I had space for a ceramic studio in my flat :wink:

Hopefully another channel will buy the broadcasting rights as I love the sewing bee :cry:

Do any of you watch ‘The Sewing Quarter’?
It’s a new shopping channel just for sewing and quilting. I have quite enjoyed some of the shows.
If you can cope with the ‘selling’ side of it then they do make a project during most of the hours.
They had some lovely batik fabrics today.
It’s on Freeview channel 78 from 8am to 12 midday every day. You can also watch online.

Not the sewing bee but I enjoy having it on in the background while I’m sewing.

Yep, Ive seen the sewing quarter, even tho I love sewing I can’t deal with sewing programmes all the time.
Such as shame about the sewing bee. Im loving the pottery and painting programmes on at the mo.
Im really not keen on Prue Leith taking over Bake Off, Im not a fan of hers and doubt il watch it. Nadiya Hussein would have been a better choice, even Delia Smith.

Yes, I have been watching the Sewing Quarter and quite enjoy it. I watch it in the morning while I am having breakfast. I have bought one item from them. The Fiskars Fabric Circle cutter. I have not used it yet but I am looking forward to giving it a go. Good service and price I think.

I have bought some scissors from them. I checked around for prices first and their price was good. I think it’s wise to compare prices first though as some are not so good, They had a pressing cloth on today and I found it a lot cheaper elsewhere ( didn’t buy one I was just doing some price comparisons).
They had some lovely fabrics on today…I do love batiks.