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Sewing Bee '17 and other such programmes

Anybody heard when this years sewing bee series is on. I know its usually near the beginning of the year, maybe feb or march.

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I’ve not heard anything yet, but I’m looking forward to it as usual :smiley:

Hopefully this year it won’t clash too much with the football :unamused::soccer:

Sam x

The pottery challenge programme(can’t recall its proper name) is back on tv next week.

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I’m not sure why but the Sewing Bee was on late last year. It didn’t start until May.

Ive just seen a new sewing channel, freeview 78, on until midday.

Oh dear.

Oh no!!! :cry:

Anybody watching the big paniting challenge?

Yes! I thought it was an improvement on the previous series, a better format and presenters. Felt rather sorry for the first lady to be sent home, that was a bit tough after their first challenges when they were still so nervous. Also was astounded that the lady who though that producing an abstract with no recognisable components, or even colour-patches was an acceptable rendering of a still life!

I’ve watched episode 1 of the Big Painting Challenge and liked the format. I also felt sorry for the first lady to be sent home, it was a shame, I personally think that no-one should be sent away after the 1st programme, like one of the mentors said, "it seems very unfair to go in the first week"
I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode.

I agree, Id like them to all stay in for the whole series then just choose a winner in the last programme.

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