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The Great British Sewing Bee fever begins

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Did you all see the sewing bee updated programme tonight(wednesday)? It showed what all last years contestants are getting up to. Chinelo has her own fashion label #jealous

New series starts next week. Il be glued to it.

(Amberlilly) #2

I’ve recorded it @GrimmExhibition looking forward to seeing it.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

I’m going to iplayer it at the weekend.
I’l completely forgot it was on.
Love last years one. Looking forward to the new one.

(Oh Button Me) #4

I love the sewing bee will be glued every Wednesday now :raised_hands:

(Diane Burton) #5

Loved seeing what they’ve got up to since the end of the series, I thought Heather’s free classes for youngsters was a very good idea, neither of mine did much sewing at school at all (even at high school!) so if I don’t teach them they’d have no skills at all and everyone should at least know how to do basic mending/alterations.

(Kim Blythe) #6

I would double check as I think they said it is on Thursday next week…

(Diane Burton) #7

Yes I think it is Thursday, I’ve just looked on my sky box guide and it’s not on Wednesday.

(Samantha Stanley) #8

Exiiiiiiting! And the best news for me is my husband will be working nights for the first week, so he won’t keep flicking it over for the football :laughing:

(Linda Wild) #9

Looking forward to it. :blush:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #10

I hate it when that happens. Iv brought my partner a new game so he won’t bug me while it’s on. Thanks goodness for game consoles. :wink:

(Samantha Stanley) #11

That’s an evil plan :wink: I must try it myself…

(Sarah Elliott) #12

I am really looking forward to it! It is great inspiration to get crafting. I will have to catch up on what last years lot are doing.

(Plumporridge) #13

I really enjoyed last nights catchup and I think I’m going to call my overlocker an "overlord " from now on. Interesting isn’t it that they all love the same thing, yet each of them channel it differently and have gone on to do such a variety of things.

(Oh Button Me) #14

Oh thanks ladies I would of deffently missed it hehe I shall look out for it on Thursday now :blush:

(Diane Burton) #15

This thread has just reminded me to set the sky box to record :slight_smile: Hubby’s not usually to bad at letting me watch (he watches enough Top Gear repeats without me grumbling too much!) but knowing my luck I’ll forget it’s on.

(Liz Lothian ) #16

I’m reall looking forward to it. I don’t sew but I’m hooked on this programme.

(Grimm Exhibition) #17

Its sewing bee tonight I think(Thursday) Guess I could look in a paper but I dont have one handy.

(Diane Burton) #18

Sky box all set to record, although I might be lucky & get to watch in peace this week, Hubby will be on his way back from Amsterdam, his flight doesn’t land until 7.30 then he has at least an hours drive from the airport, son is doing the lights at our village panto and tonight is opening night :smile: next week I might have to fight the pair of them for control of the remote!

(Grimm Exhibition) #19

Loved it, and it did exactly what it did last year, it got me thinking about things i could make and reignited my longing to make clothes again.
I really liked the poppy print dress.

(Christine Shephard) #20

Great to see another series, I really enjoy following it each week.

Think I might run up a pair of printed cotton trousers for the summer…