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No sales for 2 1/2 months!

Hi Sasha,

Thanks for the feedback. It’s something I meant to do ages ago and have now finally achieved! :grinning:

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I know I’m not the only person who cares about ingredients - vegans and those trying to avoid palm oil will also appreciate an ingredients list so hopefully it will help. Is it worth mentioning in the description and tags which ones are vegan friendly?
(nips off to check that they are Sasha friendly ingredients)
Woohoo they are! (yes my knowledge of latin is that good after years of scrutinising ingredients lists) Give me a couple of months to finish up my current stock pile and I’ll be back to your shop.

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OK @CraigriggHomeKnits there are threads where you can show your work, join in, chat and get seen …I started one called…show your knitting and crochet…show your work on there if you haven’t already…
then there is the “what have you listed today”…lots of ones with different colour themes…
Put your name out there.
It took me 3 months to get my first sales, so don’t give up…I now have over 600 sales…so you have to keep going.
It is slower than the dark side but A Much nice place to be xx


Thx Sasha, yes they are all vegan friendly and def palm oil free.

Brenda , thank you so much for your encouragement,
much appreciated. :two_hearts:
Could you possibly point me in the direction of your Thread and others ?
I’m still a relative novice with the computer and have not quite grasped everything on Folksy :woozy_face:

Found it !

I was the same, I had not had a sale since August, despite being a Plus store (since cancelled) and activating Stripe, but last night I suddenly sold one of my new design hats!! So happy…
So fingers crossed for more… I am a disillusioned Etsyian, so Folksy is such a refreshing place to have a store… I just hope it can pick up now…


I hope so too, your pieces are such lovely quality!