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No sales for 2 1/2 months!

Hi all,
I’m relatively new to Folksy having joined end of November 2019. As of yet , no sales and my confidence is dropping !
Post regularly on F.B. ,Pinterest and instagram.
Could anyone give me a hint as to where I might be going wrong ?
‘Craigrigg Home Knits’ is my shop.

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I’m not a regular seller… I think the photo size hinders us, as you don’t get a good first photo. But we can’t do anything about this. So try and make your photo as uncluttered as possible.
You have to bring your buyers in. You said you are on IG, are you engaging with people there? Liking others? Commenting? Using good #?

Thank you. Maybe not engaging enough on IG .

It can be hit or miss, sometime ig restricts your reach. I don’t know.? But I had a recent order must’ve come from IG, as it went to the US.

Thank you. Will keep trying.

It sometimes takes a while to get your first sale, and this time of year is quite quiet anyway.
If I were to offer some suggestions I would first say look at your photography. Declutter the backgrounds a bit and make sure the item is in focus (for your main photo anyway). I would also list measurements in metric as well as imperial and have washing instructions - buyers might be put off if they don’t know if they can machine wash or if things have to be hand washed.

Good Luck x

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You haven’t added social media links to your shop - there is a spot where you can copy and paste the links on the dashboard under ‘shop appearance’.
The first few months of the year tend to be quiet as everyone’s finances are recovering from Christmas and summer holiday booking. But there are somethings I think you can do to improve your chances of someone buying from you. Your photos could do with a bit of work - the back grounds are distracting, could you find somewhere more neutral to pose your photos?
Descriptions - search algorithms can’t see the photos so you need to make sure you don’t rely on them to describe the item. Include details about design features (monkey hat doesn’t mention monkey face or ears in description), colours (girlie hat doesn’t mention its in shades of pink, christmas cocoon doesn’t mention its in red and white) and textures/ feel. I was given the advice to describe things as if to a blind person and although search algorithms have changed over the years that still seems to do well.
There is lots of useful info in the folksy blog including tips on how to set up a simple (and cheap) photography set up and how to compose a good description.


Hi Susan

I have just popped over to your page and loved your vintage baby knits. I am a knitter and I can see how beautifully knit these items are. I would say that you could say Cream in the title - the photos make them look more beige but that could be my screen (you could always mention how different screens affect colours too).

Hope this helps and that you don’t get too disheartened.


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Thank you.
Advice gratefully received. :two_hearts:

Thanks Carol, for the compliment and other advice.
Will go now and add “cream” :two_hearts:
Amongst other things !
Very grateful for your comments.


I don’t sell regularly at all either, don’t blame yourself. Unfortunately you have to do more social media than making


Agreed Karen.
Thank you. :heart:

I agree with the comments about simplifying your photos. Also, as you make a diverse range of items, searching your shop would be easier if you used the function to arrange your items into categories, and it would also look better. Your vintage-look knits would make a fab category of their own. They are lovely :smile:

My Folksy’s been absolutely dead for months and months too - I do the social media game, the linking game, everything. I think it’s an in-for-the-long-haul kind of thing.

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Thank you Teresa.:two_hearts:

I am not alone then :two_hearts:
Thank you. X

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As has already been commented… your photos need to be made much cleaner and clearer. Look at the shops which are selling regularly (Best sellers on front screen is a good guide) and take some ‘advice’ from their photos. Also as Sasha said you have no social media links showing. If you had we could perhaps critique your promotions there for you.

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Thank you joy.
I get it , hopefully this weekend I will have the time to
fix these issues. :two_hearts:

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Interesting reading all your comments. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I am very active on social media and it is relentless and soul destroying and I came on here last October. Had a reasonable flow up to Christmas but fairly dead since. Had a couple of folksy orders this year so far and absolutely nothing sold for Valentine’s Day :open_mouth: I’m going to keep plugging away like everyone else and hope things pick up in the Spring. I have just cancelled delivery charges which does affect my profit margin but who will buy one bar of soap and pay postage? Hopefully this will help things.
What I have learned like someone else said, the social media marketing has to be done regularly and you have to be prepared to adapt! It sure is a learning curve! Good luck everyone xx

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Hi Ginette @ginettesmith I know I’ve previously looked at your body butters and salves when I was looking for a new one but was put off by the lack of ingredients and pack size in the description (although I notice you’ve now added the size into the title I’d put it in the description as well). I have sensitive skin (and know what triggers a lot of my flare ups) so won’t buy skin products if there isn’t a list of ingredients.

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