How successful have you been on Folksy?

Just joined with my shop, was wondering what your experience has been selling here.

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It took a while for my shop to get going with most of the sales in my first year here being made by friends supporting my venture. Sales are sporadic but tend to be of my mid or high price point items (less competition in that bracket compared to the lower price points) and most of the traffic to my shop now comes from google rather than my own promotion or people browsing folksy. Online selling via any of my shops is not a patch on in person sales (craft markets, open studios etc).
Be prepared for the long haul.


If you average out my sales on Folksy, I’ve sold slightly more than one item every week for the 6 years I’ve been on here, which I’m quite happy about. I do all of my own promoting - you need to use social media a lot so that people get to know you and your products and I make sure I promote in the area where I live. I love having my little shop on Folksy - I really enjoy making my rag dolls, mice and pirates and I love sending them off to customers. I’ve had some lovely feedback over the years and so I know my customers enjoy the things I make. It won’t be easy at first and you have to work hard to get your products known, but I think it’s well worth it and I’ve always been very grateful for the opportunity to show my work on such an attractive site. The other sellers on Folksy are really friendly - lovely people. In my opinion, Folksy is a great place to be.


Thanks for your reply, it makes me feel better to know that things will get better eventually…patience is the key :smile:

I’m glad you are doing well…I have a long way to go but I keep plugging away :grinning:

It has been slow for me, sales have been unspectacular however they have been growing since I have been dedicating more time to presentation and promotion.
as @SashaGarrett said, sales may not be on par with selling in person but Folksy is a good site with great members.

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I joined Folksy in 2010 and it took 3 months to get my first sale…so please be patient…I have just hit the 300 mark and I love Folksy.
For me I look at it as being my website to the world. I could never design my own website or maintain one. Folksy for a very small fee do everything for me. (It even costs 50p or more a time to put an ad in a shop window locally)
Once you put it all in perspective you realise what good value Folksy can be.
Craft fairs can probably get more sales but the cost of the table etc make it on a % basis not as good as it might seem.
Folksy every time for me…not to mention the friends and support you get from other shop owners on here.


Thanks for the reply Brenda. I would love to do craft fairs but as yet I don’t have enough stock…I’ve been on Etsy since the summer and have had some sales but the competition is fierce and I feel like I’m invisible there. Opened my shop and got a sale the same day, more luck than anything, but it made me feel like pressing on.

If you don’t have enough stock for a craft fair (and it does require a reasonable amount at this time of year) you could always share with a crafty friend who has a complimentary product (ie not jewellery but something that appeals to us ladies). You would need to resist the urge to spend the day chatting with them as that can put customers off as they don’t want to interupt.

I’ve been on Folksy for 2 and half years, and as everyone else has said it takes a while to make your first sale and social media is the way to go with promoting, but my shops going well and I’m happy. The other Folksy folk are lovely and very supportive and fun. :slight_smile:

All the best with your shop and keep popping in to the forums because you can learn so much from everyone else.

Hi Tina…thank you so much for your reply. I think forums are a good idea…support and advice that I will need lol. I’m adding to my shop all the time, glad to hear you are doing well…I may be asking advice along the way :grimacing:

Beautiful cards by the way :two_hearts:

Hi Andy…well I think your shop is great…unique and your pieces made me smile. I shall persevere…just sat here for two hours listing new stuff, hope the backache is worth it :joy:

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I’ve only been here since the beginning of November and so far no success, but I know it takes a little patience to get a first sale so I’m hoping it picks up soon. I certainly feel like I’ve got a few more views since I popped into the forums.

Online sales are quite important to me though because I’ve never done well at craft fairs. I have a few more smaller items now than when I last tried, but it doesn’t seem to be the right market for art.

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Well I think your work is gorgeous and you are very talented…once the sales come I know you will do very well. I know I have to be patient, and I feel lucky to have had a sale so quickly after joining. I’ve been on Etsy since the summer and sold some stuff, but it’s so competitive on there I decided to come here. Good luck to you…and me :smile:

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I’ve been on etsy a lot longer but it would be nice to have a UK site. It should pick up, hopefully now is just the right time to get all those Christmas sales, and I think your items look like they’d make great gifts.

The downside to having good sales on here - I have a bill of nearly £30 already just for Novembers commissions fees LOL!


I’ve been on Folksy since 2009 and my shop is always reasonably busy. It’s my main 'outet’and I love my shop and also all my lovely customers and also all the incredibly friendly and helpful other Folksy shipowners. (Thank you for auto correct - shop owners was what I typed :). ).


Lol! I heard the shipowners did really well and scarpered!

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I hope so…let me know how you’re getting on :+1:

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