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Whats wrong with my shop?

Hello everyone. I’m new-ish to Folksy and find it very hard to sell on here. I have shops on other sites and do OK but I’m just not selling much at all here on Folksy. I’m not very good at navigating through the Folksy site so maybe I’ve not got my shop in order yet and need to tweak a few bits here and there.

Could you take a look for me and advise. A big thank you to all advise received. Elaine

As far as I can see, you don’t say what there made from, how you will attach them or how long they will survive outside in the weather. That is one thing I would say is holding people back from purchases them…

Your photos are good but your descriptions could do with a bit of tweaking - search bots (both internal and external) scan the first couple of paragraphs to see if the keywords/ search terms occur in them and if they do occur they rank them higher in the results. I was told to write my descriptions as if the person could not see the photo as the search bots can’t see the photo.
Also how are you promoting your shop? There are no links to social media on your shop front.

I think your shop is great so I have favoured it. You don’t say how long you have been on but have sold 18 items already. It might help if you state how they are fixed, rather than just saying easy to fix. Your items are unique so I think you will do well, just takes time and summer is always quiet.

a very BIG thank you. I will return the favour. I have been on folksy for 7/8 months. I will add a little more info on fixings. Thanks Elaine

Hi there! I think i may have posted in the wrong place before but I’m new to Folksy as well (started up last month) and would appreciate some feedback/advice…I’ve been getting some impressions and views but no sales yet? Please would you be able to have a look and let me know what you think?
Here’s the link:
Thank you in advance :grinning:

If it helps you are doing better than me I have sold one item in three months, Its frustrating because my items are a good price and a lot have free posting , I actually think you are doing very well, so pat on the shoulder to you

SUE…all the best for more sales

Thank you so much for your reply, we really like your creations :smile: we’re now following you on Twitter, very surprised you haven’t sold more stuff but as we’ve all been learning this year, “Don’t Give Up”! (hint hint :wink: lol)

Oh I just adore your tree people…what a great idea. I agree with other comments…add a bit more in the description to describe your Tree people. What about a few lines about each different one…something to grab peoples attention. It could be a fun thing as I think your tree people are fabulous fun. Good luck.

I think your items are Great! Really different. So I’m sure sales will pick up mine are very slow too…

I’ve liked some of your items.

Best of luck