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No sales 😕

I am beginning to feel so disappointed, I cant seem to give away my art, I would give up, but its been my passion since I was a child , just wish I knew what I am doing wrong, I create art from my soul …
Update !!! Omg! All your advice worked yay!! I got 89 views yesterday I am shocked but very happy I spent most of yesterday updating photos ( still more to do) and titles and descriptions so that was it thank you thank you thankyou :heart:

Not sure how long you have been open but those first sales can take a while. I’m also not sure how many people are selling art and cards on here but I suspect it is a fairly competitive area.
Just had a look at your shop and noticed the following:

  1. Your titles do not always include words that indicate what the item is. The titles are used in the search as well as the tags so if someone is searching for “original art” or “picture” etc your items won’t rank highly in the result.
  2. Your descriptions are a bit brief - the ones I looked at had no info regarding what medium/paper was used and the cards do not say what size they are.
  3. Folksy crops photos to a square format, the full photo is only shown on the item listing, so some of your images on your shop front are missing bits. Try taking your photos so that when cropped the whole item is shown. I also find some of your backgrounds a bit fussy and distracting - but that may just be me!
  4. You should fill in your “Meet the maker” section - it all helps.
  5. You don’t have any links to social media - do you use it to promote? Are there links on your social media to your folksy shop?
  6. You need to promote, promote, promote, whenever and wherever you can. If you wait for passing trade to find you by browsing the folksy site you will wait a very long time - you need to drive people to your shop.

Hope this helps - I expect others will chip in too. Good luck.

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I would say you really need to add to your descriptions! You don’t tell potential customers anything! Your titles don’t either.
Firstly your titles need to say if something is original artwork so it comes up in the searches.
Then your descriptions need to say everything a potential customer can’t see!
How big is it? What’s it painted on to? What’s it painted with? How will you post it out? Etc etc. Loads you can and need to say. In a real life shop it doesn’t matter because people pick it up and look at it. They can’t do that online so you have to fill in every one of those blanks.
Then, I would say you need to improve your photos. The first one Folksy crops to a square- so if you haven’t used a square image then some of it will be cut out. You can use up to 5 photos too. Try to fill as many as possible, people like in-progress photos too!
Then once your shop is all sorted you need to promote it. Word of mouth, business cards, craft fairs, the share groups on this forum, but most importantly (and easiest of all) via social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc etc. You need to drive customers to your folksy shop. Folksy don’t do it for us.
Hope that helps! And while I’ve written lots I hope you enjoy it & don’t see it as a chore! Haha

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Thank you so much that’s lots for me to get on with , I am having trouble taking good photos with my windows phone but am using the square shot now but can’t seem to crop without loosing bits :unamused: no its no chore to succeed :slight_smile: I am promoting have been for a year now but no success on red bubble or fb but ill keep plodding on as I have faith hard work pays off !

Hi ,
Thank you that’s great advice :slight_smile: I tried to put info in meet the maker and social media site address but folksy deleted it :weary: I’m trying to add more info now and didn’t realise the title was a search bar so I’m correcting that now! Also I’m trying to take photos in a square frame lol not working too well lol
But ill keep trying
Thanks again

A piece of advice I was given about ensuring that a photo will crop to square without loosing bits is if the piece is portrait orientation then position the camera in landscape orientation and vice versa. Counter intuititive I know but you don’t want the item to fill the whole shot as you need some extra background to chop off when you crop it to square.
Hopefully that makes sense, I can probably draw a bad diagram to clarify if needed.

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It’s worth getting involved in some of the topics in the showcase section of the forum. My sales have improved dramatically since I have joined the forum and been active on it.

Your items would certainly fit in the colour themed threads and I’m sure there is one for rainbow colours and hearts.

This thread is particularly useful.
You favourite and show an item from the last shop in the thread and the next person shows something from your shop, ensuring that at least one person is having a good look around your shop! Fellow Folksy sellers are also potential customers.

Good luck with your shop and don’t give up hope.:slight_smile:


As Alison @FluffStuffCrafts says - the forums are a great place to start. You may think you are limiting your audience to other folksy sellers but not only may they also be buyers but if someone hits that little heart on your item your chances of appearing on the front page of folksy are dramatically increased :slight_smile:

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As a fellow artist, Why not come and join us on the art chat thread on here…We can help you with more ideas and it is good to chat with other artists too.
Everyone is very friendly. It took me 3 months to get my first sale but like everyone else said…join in the games on the forums too…
Keep painting and list as often as you can.
I always tell people not to list loads all at the same time. It is better to list one item, then another on a different day.
Imagine a high street shop…if you look in the window and it is always the same…you will stop looking…but if there is always something new to see, then you will keep going back.
See you on the art chat thread!!

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aww thank you :blush: