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No sure where to post this question about promotional threads

Such as we have on the other forums such as the weekly or Daily listing thread where we all promote each others items, the craftjuice thread, the Facebook Friday thread. And of course all the other threads were we help each other out promoting each other.

Eileen if you asking where they should go, they belong in the showcase category.

Sian (admin) is encouraging us to have less daily threads and more weekly and monthly ones to keep the forum more navigable.

The daily (and weekly) listing club for example could become monthly, with the tally at the top getting updated each day. You automatically get taken to the last post you viewed so navigating a long thread shouldn’t be a problem.


Good grief they’d be long threads if you did them monthly just like the craftjuice thread that goes on for pages and pages and pages. lol
But least we know where to post them now. I looked in there couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I don’t think there are pages on this forum. I agree they would be long threads but the system takes you to the last post you viewed so it wouldn’t be difficult to navigate. And it would mean you wouldn’t have to check yesterday’s thread to pick up any late posters.

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I mean on the other forum it goes on for pages and pages.

There are no pages on here just one long thread to wad through when you want to either review something a second time or if you come to a post late and it’s full of many posts.

Yes there would be a lot to Wade through if you wanted to go back through the thread. You can bookmark individual posts, that might help, but of course you’d need to know you would want to go back at some point and that’s not always the case. Perhaps weekly would be a compromise, that’s what we did with the art chat thread and it’s working well.

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Now that sounds a great idea. I like your thinking :smiley: