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(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #1

We have had a talk on here about dwindling sales and it was mentioned that this could be down to the lack of promoting my Folksy. This may or may not be true but we can promote ourselves and each other on FB, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram ( although I’m not on this because it looked a bit too complicated :slight_smile: ) I am also on Etsy who I shall just call companyE. On their site the more favourites or views your item has, the higher up the ladder it comes when people are searching. This may or may not be the same for Folksy.For those who are also on companyE and in teams you will already know about games. There are several types of game such as you post 1 of your items and favourite the 5 above you, post your shop name and favourite above you, put a link to one your items that you have Pinterest and then pin the 5 above you to one of your boards etc. I have seen the Craftjuice link which is good if you use the site. Christmas is coming up and sales should be up but with more promotion of our shops things should be better. It does take a bit of extra time in the day but if we get more sales, it should be worth it. What do you all think ???

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

It you look into the Showcase part of the forum you’ll find all these promotional type threads where we support and promote each other’s items on all sorts of social media sites.

More people are always welcome to join in the joint promotions :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’ve moved it to the showcase forum for you Sam :slight_smile:

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #4

Thanks Louise and Eileen :slight_smile: