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Norwich Film Festival 2015

(Elaine) #1

Hope you don’t mind me posting here - I’m having a proud Mum moment! My daughter Katie, who’s studying interactive media at college and hopes to go on to Uni in September to study illustration, entered the Norwich Film Festival poster competition and was over-the-moon to hear she’d reached the 2nd round!

I wondered if any Folksy folk would like to take a look at the 10 picked posters and, if you wished, perhaps vote for the poster you like overall. Katie is insisting people don’t feel they should vote for her poster if they feel another is better - she’s wants the competition to be fair for all involved :smile:

Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look - thank you all x


(Ali Joyce) #2

I blanked the name from my head and voted for the best one - when I came back her to check it was her poster! :wink:

(Elaine) #3

Thank you - she’ll be over-the-moon to hear that, especially as she’s had a tough day today.

Elaine x