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My first craft group gathering

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I found a local craft group about a month ago. Ive waited weeks for it and hopefully Im going next week.
I say hopefully, Im looking after 2 young kids in the family all that day, should be done by 6, the group starts at 7pm. I may be asleep by then.

So exciting to be around other crafty people. I hope I dont get shy and wimp out, or fall asleep.

Anybody else joining a craft club, or already go to one?

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

Oh do make the effort - it will almost certainly be worth it! I find that crafty folk are friendly and nice; groups are generally welcoming and you should have a good evening. If you’re shy, ask others about what they are doing - everyone likes to show their work and talk about what they enjoy.
There used to be a scrapbooking club in our village. However, membership dropped low, for a number of reasons (illness etc) and I suggested we should open it up as a more general papercrafting or just crafts group; sadly the organiser wouldn’t do this, she was adamant she wanted a scrapbook group, so of course the group folded because we couldn’t cover the cost of our rent for the village hall.
BUT, recently a new cafe was opened in our local sewing & quilting shop (it’s in a little “unit” and the next-door shop closed down, so they took over and expanded, yay!). I thought it would be good to start a craft group, as I had already taught some workshops in their studio; someone beat me to it - some women in the village fancied a craft group, so they agreed with the owner that they could use the cafe once a month, on a Thursday evening. I joined in and the group is going from strength to strength. The first month (January), there were six of us, but last month (May) there were twelve and as I know two others who’d like to come, that means we’ll be at least fourteen! Everyone is so nice and friendly. It helps that we have a cosy venue as well - nothing helps like warmth, comfy seats and the availability of tea and biscuits! I am so glad I went along; another Folksy seller I know also goes and she’s quite shy. She invited a friend last time, so I think she feels part of the group.
Do get brave and go along, with a couple of things to do that won’t need too much concentration. Then you will feel ok to chat, not be worried about making errors (and spoiling your work or feeling silly), and if the project is ongoing, it won’t matter too much if you get so busy chatting on your first session, that you forget to work! You could ask a friend to go with you too, for moral support?
Let us know how you get on? XX


PS. I had a look at your shop - what lovely stuff you make!

(Stitchingarainbow) #3

I am sure you will be fine! My craft group is great, and I would never miss it, no matter how tired I am. I joined when there were only 6 of us, and now I think we have around 35 members. We even go to craft retreat in May :smile:
this is our blog if you wanna see how great it can be:
Have fun!!!
xx Magdalena

(Sarah Eves) #4

I’ve been going to a knit n natter group for a few years - I’m a non knitter but take sewing instead.
I work from home in a rural area and it can be very claustrophobic at times, so getting out to a craft group is a sanity saver :slight_smile:

Definitely give it a go!

Sarah x

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Thanks for your positive replies.
I giess i dont have to get there exactly on time do I.
As an example of my tireness already, I just made some gift tages, then fell asleep!! At my age, its hardly a rock n roll life style is it!
I definately aim to go this week. Il let you know how it goes.