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Not one single sale :(

(Gem McNair) #1

Can someone please help. Im really just looking for advice, I started my business in October last year, After much deliberation I decided Folksy was for me, Since Iv uploaded my shop not one person has ordered anything. nothing via my facebook, no matter how much I FB, instagram, pinterest etc, asking shops for display commission prices etc no one is interested Im so worried im going to have to give up my new career (got made redundant in October) Its keeping me awake at night now :frowning: any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Many thanks


(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

mmmm I was looking and I notice your titles don’t have having words in them that someone would put into a search bar.

You need to think what words would I put into a search bar to find a print or photo or artwork.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Hi Gem,
I too started up my shop/ business as the result of redundancy almost 2 years ago and in my first tax year of trading I made a small loss and this year I will make a very small profit - not enough to live on. Most of my sales come from doing craft events with folksy providing less than 10% of revenue, have you tried craft markets? I’m sure given its artistic heritage Glasgow must have some good ones (a quick google search turned up Merchant Square at £45 for the weekend which looks good, try for others). The craft markets give me a chance to advertise some of the other skills I have eg custom work, repairs and alterations of jewellery which generates a second line of income rather than just selling the ready made stuff.
With regard to your shop here - have a look at your shop front - most of the thumb nails don’t show the entire item which is what people will first look at. If they can’t instantly tell what an item is they tend to move on. Try recropping the shots to square so that all of the item is seen and then have close up shots as secondary pictures. As Eileen says you need to think about your titles - what search terms would you put in if you were looking for art work? I don’t know what a kelpie is but I might search for horse papercut which this picture would fit but the words horse and papercut aren’t in the title so it wouldn’t get returned as a search result. I had to go back and alter my titles to include colours when I realised that not everyone knows that sodalite is blue and more people are going to search for blue earrings than sodalite earrings (they now read blue sodalite earrings to catch both searches).
Sorry not to be more optimistic.

(Diane Keeble) #4

I’m not sure why as I think your items look lovely. Maybe you need a few more in your shop to give a bit more choice. There is a lot of competition and it does take time to build up sales. I have favourited a couple of items. Don’t give up yet. Others may have more advice x

(Sara Smith) #5

Please don’t give up Gem. Your products look lovely. When I first opened my shop I had no sales for months, then gradually I began to sell. But I do notice that it comes in fits and starts, selling nothing for a while and then suddenly have a flurry of sales! Keep at it and keep promoting wherever you can. I’m sure sales will begin soon. Good luck.

Sara :blush:

(Louise Foot) #6

I opened my Folksy shop just over a year ago & it was 5 months til I got my first sale here, I’m at 50+ now with not much in the way of promoting (I admit I tend to point potential customers in the direction of my better stocked other online shop) Craft shows are important to build rapport & get direct feedback. When the first sale come its likely to gain momentum as others buying & reviewing builds customer confidence. It’d be lovely to see a few more items under the pet section. Good luck, Louise

(Brenda Cumming) #7

don’t give up…I waited months before my first sale and I now have over 200+
My son lives in Scotland and last year we went there for the first time…the Kelpies are out of this world…amazing work…
There is also a folksy facebook page where you can share your listings… and come and join us on the daily art chat thread,…we would love to chat with you and perhaps you can gain some tips and encouragement.

(Sasha Garrett) #8

This may or may not be relevent and useful but any losses your crafty wee cow employment makes can be counted against income from your previous employment, so when you submit your tax return you should get more tax back (now there’s a reason to get on and submit it promptly!).

(Amberlilly) #9

You are on I.G? How are you promoting there? Are you selecting your followers or just following back? Because a lot get you to follow then dump you, you need genuine people who like you, your photos or your work.

(Susan Bonnar) #10

Hi there - you have a super shop! I have popped one of your items onto my FB page tomorrow
Do pop in and say hello! Hope this brings you some shoppers! Dottie x

(Susan Bonnar) #11

@craftyweecow Here is the link for you to see it :smile:

(Gem McNair) #12

Hi Eileen, Thankyou for your response, All this time Iv been hash tagging wording in my description when i should have just changed the wording in my title! lol god I must be having one of those months! thankyou for this!! hopefully this will attract more people once Iv updated.

(Gem McNair) #13

Hi Sasha, Thanks for replying! Iv actually got a few stalls and applied for a craft market that’s held local to me, Im in the process of applying for stalls all over at the minute so hoping they will at least bring in attention if not money. Im changing the title on my pics as, like uv mentioned it should be clearer, Im going to simplify them to see if that helps. Iv also taken new photos, managed to get outside and take photos of items already on my shop so they will be updated also.

Thankyou very much for all your help


(Gem McNair) #14

Hi Di, thankyou for your response, Im currently working on polymer clay items, have taken new pics and will update the titles so im hoping that will boost it a bit.

Many thanks


(Gem McNair) #15

Hi Sara, Thankyou so much for your response, I actually felt tons better after reading every bodies posts, most of all this one! It seems to have stuck in my head. Iv been hard at it today to try and get focused again and Iv realised I have a to do list as long as my arm but I don’t want to give up, I want to keep at it, Its what Iv always wanted to do, all my life I feel bad for thinking in such a negative way, im hoping that’s normal! :confused:

Thanks again for all your help

Many thanks


(Gem McNair) #16

Its so true Louise, I keep telling myself that it only needs one sale, just one and that can turn it around. Iv got a few craft stalls and fairs coming up in the summer months and am trying to get one sooner, Hopefully the more I promote and believe in myself I can do this even with all the struggles!

Many thanks for replying Louise.

All the best


(Gem McNair) #17

Hi Brenda, thanks for your response.

Im going to try and keep at it, If I don’t I will only regret not trying harder. Im my own worst enemy sometimes!

The kelpies are my favourite statue, So striking. I keep forgetting I can show my items on the Folksy FB page, Iv joined so many craft chats and pages that Iv lost count, Just trying to network as much as I can. Im going to change a few things in the shop and introduce new items so hopefully that will bring in a bit of interest!

Thankyou again

All the best


(Gem McNair) #18

Hi again Sasha, Thanks for this, This actually cheered me up a bit! lol how sad! xx

(Gem McNair) #19

Hi Amberlilly, I follow ALOT of pages that are similar to mine, craft items, items for the home etc all the promoting I do on instagram is pretty much the same as my FB page, promoting my shop, promoting my FB on instagram and vice versa.

All the best


(Gem McNair) #20

Thanks so much again for sharing :slight_smile: x