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Nuisance phone calls

(Roz) #1

I think I am living in a parallel universe but am feeling very sorry for my “other” self. Apparently, as well as having to endure working in a noisy factory environment, being involved in numerous accidents that weren’t their fault and taking out loans with misquoted payment protection plans they are now struggling with debt and are in need of help to manage their finances. I’m glad I don’t have these problems even if the companies that call seem to think I do!

(Jo Sara) #2

That looks like a list of our nuisance calls, and my alternate self apparently owns a Dyson vac too. Lucky them :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #3

I know…I get fed up of them too…I have even had an argument with one of them that insisted that I must have had an accident because it says so on his screen!!!..I think I would remember…

(Roz) #4

Oh, I’ve had that argument too! I upset one of them the other day as I left him chatting away about reconciling all my debts for about 10 mins while getting on with something else and then said that I didn’t have any debts to reconcile! He hung up on me :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

oh dear this made me giggle :smile:

I used to have loads of them but I discovered the telephone preference service which I use for my landline. Then if I get unsolicited calls I just say sorry have to stop you but this number is signed up to the Telephone preference service and you are in violation which could mean your company can be fined.

I then put the phone down. Not had any now for months and months.

Before I often used to not answer it and wait till the answer machine kicked in to see if it was someone I wanted to talk to.

Now I’m getting texts and calls to my mobile which I either delete or refuse to answer if I don’t recognize the number.

(Leathermeister) #6

According to texts I have received again on my mobile this week I have £3,700 and £3,400 waiting to be claimed for an accident I had. Seeing as they are using my old married name talk about out of date Nige and I will be celebrating 10yr anniversary later this year. …that may be her biggest bug bear my least favorite nuisance call is asking do I need a card reader (given I already have one) and they keep changing their business name and yet its the same telephone number and they dont even understand the magic words…BUGGER OFF !!

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

I hate those calls with a passion last Christmas we had to change our landlines because we had a call in the morning I answered said no thanks hung up.
Then half hour later same person different company. I said no thanks hung up. Well to cut a long story short we had the same ring us ever 20-30mins for two days solid.
The last call was midnight the first 5am.
At one point the man on the phone got quite threatening started telling us he knew were we lived and our details it was horrible.

We now have caller id on our phone if we don’t know the number we don’t answer
If we don’t know a number we just Google it. There are great sites that list pestering call numbers

(Brenda Cumming) #8

I had one last month telling me that they could rid my pc of all the virus infections that were slowing it down. They asked me to turn on my pc…so I told them that they would have to wait as the pc was in another room…ok…
I went and made a cup of tea.
Back on the phone the man (name of James strange name for a man in Delhi) he asked me if I could go online…OH dear…can you hang on while I go back to the other room.
Drank my tea and had a biscuit.
Back on the phone…what is on your pc screen now??
Hang on…I’ll go and look…(snigger)
kept him waiting another 10 mins and I could hear him calling…Madam…Madam are you there?
I put the phone down to cut him off. (felt sorry for him by this time)
2 mins later…the phone rang…surprise, surprise, it was James…
Madam we got cut off…what is your computer doing?
…I think it is broken, there is no picture on it…
Can you get someone to look at it for you Madam?
By now I decide to play the pensioner’s card…so in a daft voice, I tell him that I don’t understand anything, and that I am lonely…
He asks me if I am elderly.
Yes …I have no friends…(sad).
He says, oh bless you Madam, have a nice day…and hangs up on me…ha ha ha
He hasn’t phoned back again…yet.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #9

Brenda that is brilliant.
Had a laugh reading it.

(Minerva) #10

That’s funny. Someone I know does things like that. On one occasion, he started talking to the caller about his (invented) health issues…he started with his back, then his heart, then his toe nail…ha ha!

(Minerva) #11

These unsolicited calls / texts / services are indeed annoying. I have registered my numbers with TPS and if they insist then I go on the site and report them to ICO. As EileensCrafts said, they are in violation. Somehow, they manage to get our details anyway.

A couple of times I ask the callers, in my most polite manner, if they could kindly take my number off their list. Surprisingly, they complied and never heard from their company again! I think with the economic climate nowadays, some of these callers do this as a full time or second job. I feel for them, but I don’t like this kind of unsolicited approaches.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

Brenda and Minerva that’s the sort of thing my DH does.

You both made me giggle so much he just asked what had tickled my funny bone :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Brenda you made me laugh! We get those calls too, even though I’m sure we signed up to that telephone preference thing. What bugs me most is when my elderly parents struggle to get to the phone and find it’s just one of these nuisance calls. It can be quite upsetting for the old and vunerable.

(Julia Walton) #14

Sounds all too familiar! :o)

My husband and I both work from home, so used to get plagued by these phone calls, 5+ per day. We bought a BT phone that makes unknown numbers ‘announce’ who they are before they are put through, then we have the choice to accept the call, block it or send it to the answerphone. Best £40 we’ve spent in a long time. We have only had a couple of them squeak through since, most of them won’t go to the trouble of ‘announcing’ who they are, because they know we won’t take the call.

(Diane Burton) #15

My Mum got that one and kept him talking for ages about how wonderful technology was these days and how amazing it was that they could fix computers over the phone, then after being asked (for the 2nd or 3rd time) to switch on her computer so they could ‘fix’ it said “oh I’m sorry I can’t do that” “why not madam?” “I don’t have a blooming computer!!”

(Brenda Cumming) #16

love it…lol

(Brenda Cumming) #17

Margaret, as I understand it…the TPS only applies to the UK and so they can still phone you from outside the UK and get away with it. When I am sitting painting with a water pot balanced on my lap tray, it is not amusing to try to get to the phone…

(Diane Burton) #18

Yes it’s only any good for UK calls but does cut down on unwanted calls, we had a spate of them calling when I was in the middle of getting our tea ready! we changed from BT to Orange for our phone calls and our deal includes caller ID as standard instead of an ‘extra’ so now if I don’t recognise the number I don’t answer, if it’s important they can leave a message on the answer machine :slight_smile:

(Silvapagan) #19

I had one last night. Normally I try to be polite with them because I know a lot of the people are students just doing it to supplement their loans etc, but this one unfortunately was a northern girl who kept adding “love” to the end of her sentences. So I let her do her schpeil and then told her it was unprofessional to call me her love and to make sure my number was removed from her list, and hung up.

It seems to go in waves, I’ve had a lot recently, but over Christmas, nothing at all.

(Plumporridge) #20

My hubs takes great delight in shouting ‘PARDON, I CAN’T HEAR YOU’ when he is asked if he ever worked in a noisy environment.