Victim of Fraud

Okay feel ready to let you know what has been happening to me the last few weeks.

Got a letter from a financial collection agency re a debt. Looked further into it and a mail order catalogue that had not used for about 4 years. Anyway turns out someone from Hatfield ordered under my name but their delivery address. Has taken me a few weeks to get it sorted but finally the company concerned got involve and have removed said debt from my account, closed the account at my request and amended my credit report accordingly.

Another thing got me looking before the letter from Cabot was the fact that my credit score went from 999 to 636. Which was odd as had done nothing different. Ordered a credit report then got the letter re the debt.

Please be careful of passwords etc as mine in this instance appeared in a leak. I know hard to keep track of passwords but have to be so careful. Worth signing up for Experian or one of the others.

As you can imagine have been feeling so sick as have never had a owed money apart from a mortgage which was cleared back in 2000.

Now going through closing accounts and altering all my passwords. The iMac has never been so busy suggesting passwords I would never remember! but needs must.


Sorry to hear about your troubles @Caroleecrafts and glad you are resolving it

I had fraudulent usage of my credit card recently …They used it to buy something @ £930 …and tried for another purchase @ £2850 approx …at which point my card company alerted me and put a stop on my card …fortunately the card company reimbursed me …apparently their security questions were weak when the fraudster called them …frightening ! …now tightened my passwords …

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Sorry about your problem Karen. Such a shock isn’t it.

Sorry to hear of your recent upset. Recently I have had people trying to hack into my account. Like you I have gone about changing passwords. Sadly criminals are everywhere and I think more rife these days.

Sorry to hear this Caroline @Caroleecrafts, I agree it’s really hard to keep track of passwords. Hubby (who is a software engineer so way more tech savvy than me) got me to download a free app on my macbook called Strongbox - you can store all you passwords with links to the websites etc in it & then all you have to remember is the password into Strongbox! I would definitely recommend this, it also suggests the really weird & wonderful options for strong passwords!

Take care, Cheers Lou