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One for me, one for folksy

In the last week I’ve made two new ring designs problem is that I want them for myself so don’t fancy listing them because it means I need to wait for the next lot of heart casting to make another.

Anyone else have the same problem?

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Yes I’m just having the same feelings as I’m making heart decorations and I want to keep them for my own house.

I also have plans for some Christmas bunting based on the small piece and I made last year from my own house. I now planning on a much larger piece with jingle bells for my shop but I also want it for myself. So looks like I’ll be making both items twice :blush: :wink:

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It’s tough going! I very rarely give in and hardly own any of our own pieces because I list them all for sale like a good girl but I think I’ll photograph in anticipation of listing in the future but keep this first one as a “market research tool” lol


Just call it a prototype and claim you are testing it for comfort and durability - can’t go selling a product without conducting appropriate testing :grin:. I made these recently fully meaning to list them on here

but … I’d bought the coins back from new zealand where the OH and I had been on holiday and I just love them too much so they have been ‘loaned’ to the OH - he wears them to work, showing them off to his well travelled co-workers and I then borrow them back when I do my open studios and they get displayed with a ‘NFS, speak to me about commissioning your own pair’ sign so I’m going to write off the cost of making them as ‘marketing’.


I made a Goth syled quilt for my niece, I really loved making it and the finished quilt was fantastic, I didn’t want to give it to her, I wanted to keep it myself, and I’m not even a Goth. But it’s good when you really love what you make.

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Oh yes, all the time! But as Marg says, it’s good to love what you make. I always feel bitter sweet when I sell something, I love that someone else loves what I do enough to buy it, but hate saying goodbye LOL!


There have been a few cushions I’ve made that I’ve wanted to keep rather than list. Thankfully, they didn’t match my décor so there was no point in actually keeping them - dilemma over!! :grin:

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I quite regularly see all of your lovely pages pop up and wonder how you manage to part with the pieces you make. Those cufflinks are gorgeous, I wouldn’t part with them but I love your idea of using them to entice customers to commission pieces of their own x

The great thing about bath stuff is you are obliged to keep some back for personal use, got to check they are ok. I’m glad I don’t make chocolates


Lol if I made food products my folksy shop would be permanently empty

Especially food items, even the ones made from fabric look very tasty. I think it must be lunch time!!