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Heaps of views yesterday but still waiting

(Lorraine Burt) #1

I had 99 views yesterday which I’m thrilled with - I don’t know how many views people normally get but I was really pleased with that. Still waiting for that elusive first sale though!!! Opened in December so still a newbie but hanging in tight though because lots of you seem to be doing really well here on Folksy :grinning:

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #2

Hi Lorraine, you have a beautiful shop and fabulous items, your first sale will come and then you will be so excited, we all know the feeling of waiting for that 1st one.
Are you promoting your shop via social media, ie twitter, facebook etc to let others know where to find you.
With wedding items people tend to start looking 18 months in advance, with some last minute decisions being made 6 months before the day, so hold in there.
Its good that you have other gifts for Mother’s day items and Valentine’s too as that will fetch in those looking for that particular gift.
Chin up and good luck.


Your shop is lovely, I’m sure it won’t be long before your first sale.

I can promote your shop on my facebook page, with other folksy sellers I’m promoting at the moment. The idea of the promotion is to help boost sales for everyone and to get the Folksy name out there.

There is a thread I started a couple of days ago regarding promoting sellers on facebook, If you are interested, please add your facebook page to the thread or add your page here.

Natasha x

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(Lorraine Burt) #4

Thanks Jacqueline, social media is my downfall, I really struggle with it but I’ve just been looking at the craft juice thread (hadn’t heard of that before) so I’ve just signed up to that. When I get a reply maybe listing on there will help. Do you find craft juice helps for you?

Yes I thought Valentine’s cards would get me a couple of sales before wedding season gets into full swing x

(Lorraine Burt) #5

Thank you Natasha, very kind of you! I’ll do that x

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Lots of people use pinterest to look up wedding ideas (apparently) so how about you make up a board featuring some of your folksy items and items from other shops that fit with the theme. You can even submit your boards to the folksy bods for them to consider adding to the gift guides as a guest wish list to get more exposure.

(Lorraine Burt) #7

Hi Sasha,
I do have a pinterest board but it’s full of stationery that links to my shop on what seems to be known here as ‘the dark side!!’ :grinning: should I have a separate one for folksy even though it will have the same things in it?

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I’d try having a different board with a few of your items and lots from other shops with a definate theme to it then if someone is searching pinterest for eg vintage style wedding jewellery they might find the other items you have pinned and see that your invites fit nicely with their theme even though that is not what they were looking for. Folksy will promote your pinterest boards for you - see their criteria at (nb they don’t like links to other shopping platforms for hopefully obvious reasons so you have to limit yourself to folksy).

(Sue) #9

99 veiws is brilliant, people are obviously interested, and sales will follow, there is a lot for weddings and those people are probably thinking carefully about it. Keep listing, I’m sure this helps :blush:

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(Lorraine Burt) #10

Thanks Sasha,
I’ll look into that and put a new one together - maybe a mix of all things wedding related from folksy, not just stationery. You’ve got me thinking!

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(Camilla) #11

Hi Lorraine. I really like @SashaGarrett’s idea of creating some Wedding related boards on Pinterest. Boards that are full of your own products generally aren’t very effective if you want your work to be shared. We find that boards which have a mix of pins are much more popular. So you could create a few boards on different types of wedding and wedding themes like Pretty Spring Wedding, Botanical Wedding, Autumn Wedding Table, Rustic Wedding Table, Rustic Wedding - and then fill them with inspirational images from real life weddings mixed with products made by designers you admire, and sprinkled with one or two of your own that fit that theme?

Rock the Wedding’s Pinterest account is a great example of how to do it

Also the Pinterest link on your Folksy shop goes to a board that’s only has products from your Etsy shop, so you’re immediately directing them to buy elsewhere. Could you change that link to your Pinterest home page instead?

If you want to know more about the wishlists Sasha mentioned, there’s a new post on the blog about how they work and what we’re looking for.

I hope that all helps!

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(Lorraine Burt) #12

Thanks Camilla,
all my pinterest boards are full of etsy stuff I’m afraid, not much else on there to look at so would lit be a good idea to change the link? if you want to take a look it’s

taking your advice I have changed titles in my shop to include ‘wedding’, added colours etc to some and put my folksy shop links on my email signature.

Like the sound of the boards - will really look into doing some like that. Not sure how to pin without linking to where items can be bought - peoples shops etc, do you just copy and paste photos instead?

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(Camilla) #13

I would just change the link on your Folksy page to that one you’ve given there. That’s fine.

You would still just pin as normal (ie from the product page) but if you’re interested in creating a wishlist for us to use on Folksy in our gift guides and newsletter, any products on the board you submit to us need to be pinned from Folksy (ie not other ecommerce sites or marketplaces). There are ‘Pin It’ buttons on all product pages on Folksy or you can use the Pin It button if you have it installed in your browser.

Does that help? It’s just that boards where products are mixed with other types of pins tend to work best, so I would mix those products you’ve found on Folksy with repins from other Pinterest users, and tutorials, styled shots and real-life weddings you’ve found on your favourite blogs.

If you look at the bottom of that blog post there are two links to other posts with advice on using Pinterest which are full of tips too.

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(Lorraine Burt) #14

Super, thanks for the advice (again)! :grinning:

(Lorraine Burt) #15

PS just changed the Pinterest link and just ‘announced’ my shop on my Facebook page. Just need to work out how to get people to see it now!!

(Camilla) #16

You could also add your Folksy shop to your FB page as a ‘Shop Now’ button. I think this page tell you how


@TheWholeCaboodle Sorry, your Facebook link doesn’t seem to be working.

Thanks. Natasha x

(Lorraine Burt) #18

ooh don’t know why that would be - do you mean from the link on your ‘promote’ thread or my shop? they both work when I try them? try this:

(Lorraine Burt) #19

Done! I like that!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

You can start a new board for your Folksy items that’s the brilliant thing about pinterest you can have as many different boards as your mind can dream up :smile:

Craftjuice is very useful as it helps get your items further up in a google search. Once you have 5votes for an item Craftjuice promote it on Twitter and facebook for you win win :slight_smile: