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Ooh, a badge!

I was awarded a ‘nice topic’ badge for my, now suspended, ‘Trademark Fear’ post.
I would like to thank everybody involved; I now have lots of badges.
I wasn’t expecting to recieve such an award, so, unfortunately, I have no speech prepared. I would like to say this though…non of this would have been possible without the help and support of my, beautiful girlfriend, Clare; you have been MY ROCK, darling. Right down to helping me do the shopping for my, now wrinkly parents; you are always there for me.
As for my, now wrinkly, parents; you have been invaluable in my, meteoric, rise to success; I cannot quite remember how, but I’m sure you must have been!
My uncles and aunties also played a special role…blah, blah, blah…and the cat next door…blah, blah…

Thank you, one and all.


yawn, polite applause…NEXT!!


Lol. Oh that did make me chuckle :smiley:

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I thought I spotted a hook emerging from this side of the stage…Well done for getting a badge, and your speech was better than Patricia Arquette’s the other night…

Love Sam :fish:

Love your post, but I think the cat next door deserves a nice kitty treat for his/her tremendous help to your career, the cat that visits my garden has only his own selfish intentions, paw marks on my windowsil, eating the fat balls I put out for my bird friends.

Well done. Marg. x