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Help & Advice Required for Newbie!

Hi Everyone,

I am new - well, I have in fact returned as my shop had been left empty for a looonnnggg time and am trying to find my way around.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what the ‘badges’ are as I had a notification re an Editor badge and I have no clue what this is!!

Many thanks and I know it is probably a silly question!!

It’s just something that comes with this Discourse forum, there are lots of badges to be had for various activites, but none of them really mean all that much!

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Thanks Louisa! I thought as much but wanted to make sure!


Oh wow Louisa I’ve been here since this ‘new’ forum started and I didn’t know these existed :slight_smile: I think I must walk around with my eyes shut x


lol Jan @HandcraftedbyPicto. Funny! x :laughing: