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Ooops I almost got my Facebook page blocked by trying to be nice!

(Joy Salt) #1

I decided to hand out ‘Easter presents’ on Facebook from my Joysofglass page by commenting on a post from everyone (until I got bored anyway).
I have recently worked out that for every comment you get on a post, Facebook shows that post to another x people. So the more comments the more views and it’s like a rolling stone after that.

As it’s Good Friday I added the comment “Happy Easter”.
That was really really stupid it seems.
I think I’d done perhaps 50 scrolling down my newsfeed page, when Facebook popped up a message to say I was spamming and would be put on restricted !

I suppose with hindsight it was spamming but in the nicest possible way and of course I was using exactly the same wording as I was copy/pasting.

So if I said Happy Easter to you on one of your posts it was not a spam, it was a genuine greeting - and I won’t be doing it again.
Bunnies :slight_smile:

(Natalie Franca) #2

And yet the very lovely people at Facebook have no problem in letting fake (in the made up sense) people like your business page for cash, which doesn’t help our pages whatsoever! :wink:

Happy Easter Joy! :sunny:

Natalie x

(Joy Salt) #3

Not just that. They positively encourage us to interact by threatening to remove our likes if we don’t ‘talk’ to people.
I’m happy to report they didn’t block me - probably because I stopped my ‘spamming’ as soon as they slapped my wrists

  • but they are happily sharing my post about it and I’m busily replying to Happy Easter comments on my own post :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Minerva) #4

And just today I noticed that FB has added ‘Boost Post’ box in my page under every single post and photo.
I can see that in Admin Panel…do I also have to have it plastered everywhere in my page? Hhhmmm…who is spamming now?

(Roz) #5

I have had a facebook ban twice for “spamming”. I wasn’t even posting much and I varied all my comments but they still didnt like it! I think facebook bans can be a bit random.

(Joy Salt) #6

I’m pleased you said that as I was feeling a bit guilty,
My daughter, joking I think, suggested I was stalking a customer when I checked her Facebook friend’s list as I was making her a horse and wanted to get the colours right ! And yes I found the horse and I have matched it pretty well I think :slight_smile:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #7

Poor Joy. I got cross with Pinterest, because they said I was spamming - I had gone to several people’s profiles, to say “thanks” for pinning some of my books! You can’t win really…

Easter pressies are a nice idea. At least you tried. X

(Stephanie Short) #8

Joy, that happened to me aswell, I was liking pages…which I genuinely liked, and the message popped up, I couldn’t understand what it was I was doing wrong!! Hey ho ! Xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

It’s totally insane isn’t it. I think they have some sort of automated system that if you suddenly post more posts than you normally do ie go over your average postings it kicks off this automated message then blocks you from posting for a time. This is the problem with there being no ‘real’ person who can see what it is you are typing rather than some auto bot counting key strokes and average messages.

(Christina Green) #10

Just mad isn’t it! But it was a lovely idea!!

Happy Easter! :smiley: