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Parkin disaster, cooking when too tired

(Mezzaluna) #1

I knew I should have left it but how hard is it to mix dry ingerdients to wet then bake? Impossible to carry off when really tiered and dopey. I used a very old recipe (anyone remember Dorethy Sleightholme and the Yorkshire TV cooking programme a very, very long time ago?) I forgot to allow for fan oven setting and too zonked to react to the slightly too intense smell of ginger and sugar ‘caramelising’. Result ~ rock hard Parkin, more like Parkin biscotti. A new seasonal invention may be?

(Little Ramstudio) #2

It could become an alternative to treacle toffee!

Have both those books - care of my Mum’s bookshelves. The up and under chocolate and nut pudding is an old favourite.

(Ms Cup Cake) #3

Poor you! Dip it in coffee or cover it with custard :slight_smile:

(reminder …have some oatmeal in the cupboard - making parkin is a good idea!)

(Mezzaluna) #4

Healthy toffee due to the oats. The coffee is a good idea. Making another batch now from a Rose Elliot recipe. A bit more alert today so hopefully it will be a success.