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Copyright patterns

(Miss Orysia Zwiryk) #1

Can I sell my work which I make from copyright patterns from Knitting mags?
I also design my own knitwear too.

(Silvapagan) #2

If the pattern you are using is not yours, and the owner says that it should be for personal use only (as the vast majority do) then you should not sell the items you make from it.

Stick with the ones you design yourself :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Definitely stick to selling items made from your own patterns. Copyright is a nightmare!

(Julie Evans) #4

you need to go to copyright house you can copyright all your items there ,it doesnt cost that much and you can copyright as many items as you like … I had a problem with sellers on ebay making copies of my items cake toppers from my website and pin interest … that was stopped very quickly when you have the copyright proof and you can go to court over lost sales , expences etc and the copiests soon back off if they are in the uk… if outside of the uk its harder … hope this helps

(Julie Evans) #5

oops forgot say go into google to find copyright house

(Miss Orysia Zwiryk) #6

Thank you everhone for your help I will certainly go to copyright house.