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PayPal at Craft fair

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #1

If I was doing a Craft Fair, can a customer pay for an item by paypal,if yes I suppose I obviously need my laptop and wifi at the venue. So could somebody tell me how the customer goes about it please.

(Themdustyold Viewfinders) #2

I’m not an expert and have never used it myself however I’ve heard people talk about the app that works with the Paypal card reader. It’s a bit costly though.

Hopefully someone will have a better idea for you, but I thought I’d chip in with that anyway.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #3

Thankyou very much for your reply, that looks good and is a possibility, I suppose it is easy to do ,but for someone of my age it is a frightening step to take. I will study it further.


(Helen Smith) #4

I have an iZettle card reader for taking payments at fairs - you need a smartphone or ipad and a decent signal or wifi to use it with (the same as you would for the paypal reader) but it is absolutely great!

The advantage (to my mind) of the iZettle over the Paypal reader is that the iZettle has a little screen which displays the amount to the customer.

(Stitchcity) #5

That paypal card reader looks so awesome! I would definitley get one if i did more fairs throughout the year…

(Deborah Jones) #6

The paypal card reader is awesome , I was concerned about the lack of screen but not one customer has questioned seeing the details on my phone instead.

It is very straight forward and quick to use , and as we already have Paypal business accounts it is instant to start using.
When they have it on offer it is under £50 so worth getting.

I guess if the customer had time and a smartphone they could just send money via paypal to your paypal email address, and you would get an email notification to say it had arrived - but it would all take much longer.

(Aileen Clarke) #7

I have the Worldpay Zinc card reader. I had to get a smart phone so I could get the app but both have been totally worth it. When people come to craft fairs they only have a little bit of cash on them. Having the option to pay by card has increased my sales at fairs and catered for the impulse buyers. These card readers are so easy to use as long as you can get a signal or wifi. It’s worth the outlay if you do a few events. I do about 8 events in the year but have also had the occasional customer come to my house and I have been able to take card payments from them there too.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #8

Thankyou all ,it is all a bit clearer now ,I suppose it doesn’t help not having a smartphone, i will weigh things up and see if it is all worth it,I don’t do many fairs but not many people are going to come along with enough cash to buy one of my items.


(Deborah Jones) #9

Paul I was in the same boat , I only do about 3 fairs a year - so it seemed a gamble , but at one fair alone -the extra sales paid for the reader and the iphone.

The good thing about having to buy both together -you can research which network provider has best coverage where you do fairs and go with them.

(Illustration + Ceramics) #10

I took part in an open studio event this year, bought an izettle and linked it to my ipad. I think that being able to take card payments enhances our image whilst increasing sales. Using the app is intuitive and very easy. By entering the buyer’s email address the app automatically sends them a receipt. Makes for a good buying experience. :slight_smile:

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #11

Absolutely Spot On! It costs £100 for the reader but PP may have some deals going.