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Paypal fees

(salescrafts) #1

Hi, confused about Folksy PayPal fees. Can anyone help me with the following queries-

  1. How much do I need to pay if I sell any item via PayPal. My understanding if sell per month is <£1500 I need to pay 3.4%+20p of total selling cost (incl. Postage??). Am I correct?
    2.I again need to pay Folksy fees (listing & commission) using PayPal. For this payment
    do I need to pay again PayPal any charge?
    Thanks in advance!!

(Sasha Garrett) #2

You will end up paying:

  1. a listing fee or plus account fee regardless of whether the item sells (15p + vat per item or £45 per year for the plus account)
  2. folksy commission fees of 6% + vat of the sale price (not including postage) once the item is sold
  3. paypal commission of 3.4% +20p of the transaction amount (ie including postage)
    So to list an item for eg £10 + £2.50 P&P it will cost you 15p + vat for the listing and then when it sells you will be charged 72p by Folksy (6% + vat of £10) and an additional 63p by paypal (3.4% +20p of £12.50).
    If you pay Folksy the listing/ commission fees using paypal you do not get charged any thing by paypal - Folksy do. So to pay Folksy the 72p in the example above using paypal it will only cost you 72p (but folksy only collect the listing / commission fees when they get over £2).
    Hopefully that clarifies everything for you.

(salescrafts) #3

Brilliant! Its absolutely answers my all queries regarding how much I need to pay.
Thanks a ton. Should I have any further query regarding sell, would reach you.

(THElakotaLEGEND) #4

This is useful to me too, thank you for asking!