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Listing Fees

Hi all - I’m probably being a bit dim but… The listing fees is 15p + Vat is that VAT of 15p or VAT of the item I’m selling? Also the same for Sale commission? If my item is £8 is it 6% of £8 and 20% of £8 or 20% of 6%?

I’m so confused!! I haven’t sold anything yet so I’m trying to work it all out!!

Thank you & sorry if I’ve confused you!!! :smiley_cat:

Hi, when you list one item you will be charged 15p plus VAT, i.e. 18p. When you sell an item you will pay selling fees of 6% plus VAT, i.e. 7.2%.

If you list an item for £8 you will pay 18p, and when it sells you will get £7.42 (minus PayPal fees). Total Folksy fees for that item would be 76p.

I hope my maths are correct!!!

The listing fees are 15p + VAT (on the 15p) for each listing (so 18p in total per item listed).
The commission is 6% of the sale fee (not including the P+P - just the cost of the item) + VAT on the 6%.

You can find out how much you owe by looking on your dashboard under ‘Folksy Bill’. I’m assuming you haven’t had a bill yet, so click on the link at the top for ‘unbilled fees’ and each item you list and each item you sell will be there with costs and the VAT at the bottom.

Hope that helps.
Alison x

thanks, that helps a lot!! :smiley_cat:

Forgot to add that Folksy only send you a bill when your fees are over £2 and usually on the first of the month.

Hi, if listing fees are 15p plus 20% VAT, so a total of 18p, can anyone explain why my bill shows folksy charging me 20p for each listing? And why was I charged £3.90 for a total of 11 listings?

Nevermind - mystery solved :slight_smile: