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Pendle Hippodrome Christmas Craft Fair

(Louise Foot) #1

Hi folks,

This is probably a long shot but has anyone been to the 2 week Craft Fair at Pendle Hippodrome in East Lancs? I’m interested in any experiences, sellers or buyers / browsers.

I applied for this last year but was unsuccessful, this year I’ve been offered a place out of the blue & started to panic. The stalls are manned by their staff (which is positive for me, esp as it’s 2 weeks long)

I’ve no idea how much stock to take. There’s plenty of time for me to make loads of products up but I don’t want to go overboard as I’m very particular about making stock up only as needed so it always reaches customers as fresh as possible

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(Rachel) #2

Excellent news I shall look forward to visiting your stall :smiley:

@RedDevilCrafts Sandra are you going to this one?

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(Sandra Taylor) #3

I did this a few years back, it’s very well organised. Sadly I’m not invited back any more as I didn’t sell enough :frowning:

(Louise Foot) #4

:slight_smile: Have you been to this fair before Rachel? I’m wondering what the footfall will be like.

Checked my calendar too- its 9 days not 2 weeks

(Louise Foot) #5

I’m sorry to hear that - especially since your shop is gorgeous. Their point of view aside, were you happy with your sales? I was also wondering if they set your table up - it all looks very uniform on their website but I’ve been given v little info. I hope you don’t mind me asking?

(Rachel) #6

Only been a rushing visitor so can not feed back to you sorry

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(Sandra Taylor) #7

I wasn’t too pleased with my sales, I think one year I took around £40 and the other was about £25. They had someone else doing coin purses who sold them for £1.50 each!
My stuff just doesn’t sell locally :frowning:
I think footfall is quite good, I’ve been on a Saturday and there were quite a few people there.
You set the stall up as you wish x

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(Louise Foot) #8

Thanks - that’s really useful. I think I’ll take a modest amount of stock & keep my expectations low

(Sandra Taylor) #9

You can’t go wrong with that attitude - best of luck to you.

I had a sale on my Facebook page which made me feel better afterwards :wink:

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