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Pinterest Boards moving!

I just wondered if anyone who uses Pinterest is having the same issues as me. My boards keep getting shuffled around. A few weeks ago I moved them all in to an order that I wanted them in and yesterday when I looked at them they were all shuffled around in a random way! I tried moving them around again but as soon as I refreshed the page they jumbled up again.
During yesterday evening I ‘pinned’ a few items on to a few boards and these boards then moved to the top of the page…so it seems that now, the last board you pinned on is first, just like in the list of boards that comes up when you have to chose which board to pin on.
This morning, a group board I can pin on with #Craftbuzz is at the top. I can only assume that some one has pinned an item on there (not me) and it has moved the board to the top of my page!
I am finding this really annoying as I like my most looked at boards at the top and together but they are all scattered about now…:disappointed:

yes, I noticed this last night - really annoying as I like things “just so”!!

Yes, I noticed it over the weekend too, really annoying. I also like my boards left in the order I want them, hope they change this.

I managed to move my boards around yesterday and they are still where I put them…joy!
Did it in IE, it wouldn’t work in Chrome.

Thanks Kim, I’ll have to try again :slight_smile: