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Please advise me on how to improve my shop


Please could you offer me any advice on how to improve my shop?

Any tips would be appreciated. Still finding my way around Folksy. Returned recently after not having listed for a long time!

Thank you!

Hi Roxanne,
I’m definitely no expert I can assure you but maybe look at the banner, you could upload different photos you’ve taken and add them, nothing is set until you save it anyway, plus you can change it anytime if you feel it’s not right.
Also, (putting myself in the buyer situation) I love dogs, if I wanted a pic with a pooch on it I would have to go through all items listed to see, so you could maybe set up collections for each animal.
I do have to say though that it is a lovely shop with lovely items and I in no way wish to offend :grinning:

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Hi Little TrinketGirl.

Thank you! Great advice. I was thinking of creating subject collections so will definitely do that. Will try and work on it this evening. I also agree with the banner so will try and improve that too.

I also am mad about dogs!

thank you for taking the time to look and for your nice comments.

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Hi Roxanne, I looked again and you’ve done it already, fast work! :grinning: Looks good!
You could also join the Folksy group on Facebook and attach links to your work, they’re a great bunch.
Twitter may help too, and Pinterest.
Good luck! x

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Thank you!

Sorry if this seems harsh - my other half is the one that does wildlife photgraphy (I just do my product shots) so I got him to cast his eye over your pictures and we both rate your original images but feel that your product shots are letting you down. You’ve obviously put a lot of time into taking your source photos, getting the lighting right, exposure, composition, depth of field etc, you now (unfortunately) need to put an equivalent amount of time into taking your product shots as that is what will sell your items online. (at least your cards won’t fly away or scamper off like the subject matter might do) A good product shot will give customers confidence that the image on the card is equally good. A couple of things that jump out at me - the shots your keyrings look grainy, comparing the squirrel in your avatar and the one on the card there is a colour cast in the shot of the card, the robin card looks under exposed. (I have some items which I think I’ve spent longer on the photos than I did originally making it! and I curse the fact so many of my items are one offs)
Folksy displays our images as square on our shop fronts and in search results so if your uploaded image is not square (or doesn’t display well as a square) bits of the image get chopped off and some of your cards are falling foul of this. The image is complete when you click through to the item page but if I was a customer scrolling through a page of search results I am more likely to look at an item where I can see the whole image on the thumb nail. So you might want to reconsider recropping your product shots so that buyers would see the whole card when looking through search results.
I like to rope a friend in when I’m working out how to tag something - I get them to try and find one of my items using the folksy search and make a note of what phrases they use so that I can go back and add them in (what I consider bold they might call statement so its worth getting a second opinion so that you cover all bases). And after that its promotion, promotion and more promotion.
Again sorry if I’ve offended.

HI Sasha

Thank you for taking the time to look and get back to me. I appreciate it. Your advice is good and I do agree, I am not great at product photography and didn’t spend enough time on that. I spent a lot of time on taking the wildlife photos so now I need to make sure I spend more time on making sure I get a good product shot.
I will redo all of the product shots in time as i know it’s important.
Thank you.

Hi All,

If anyone is able to spare the time to give my shop a critique that
would be great! There will be a discount code sent after as a thank

I look forward to hearing you views!