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New shop - help and advice gratefully received!

Hi Everyone

Another newbie here needing some help and advice on my shop

I have set up a week ago and nothing, my products are quite niche, just wondering what everyone thinks and where i am going wrong.

Any help gratefully received!

Thank you

Hello and welcome

First and foremost, how do you remote yourself? Do you have your shop here linked on your social media? Do you go to craft fairs tailored for the handmade market?

There is lots of advice over on the Folksy blog pages, I’ve linked here to the Seller Tips part which covers a lot of stuff but it’s all very good advice and worth a read!

I would consider your photos - a picture paints a thousand words! Photos on Folksy are cropped to be square, so when I look at your shop I don’t see the whole product in one glance. Also your photos don’t do your lovely items justice; try to aim for photographing in natural light. Try to use all the 5 slots for photos up - maybe a shot of someone wearing it so they see it an action aka a lifestyle shot? Or even consider a shot of you making your items? These all build a story for your customer to see and connect with you.

Also fill out your “meet the maker” section of your profile - tell people about you and how you got into making - why did you choose pinnies for example? It’s another connection with potential customers, and draws them into you and what makes you tick - this individuality can make you stand out from the competition.

I could see you doing really well with the vintage vibe that is current, so if you;re not already, consider marketing yourself at these events online and at fairs.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Hi Emma, welcome to Folksy, I love your retro style pinnies. I think getting noticed is just a case of lots of networking and tweeking a few things, I’ve popped over to your facebook page :+1: I like the photo’s on your fb page, they seem lighter and brighter over there and I like the close up shots. Folksy has a square format for pics so can make it awkward for long items. (it shows the full pic when you click on them but crops to square in the thumbnails) I adore the kiddie pics for the boys sailboat apron. As difficult as it sometimes is, try to use all the tags you’re allocated. You can use multiple word tags like… sailboat fabric, childs pinny, craft apron etc.
Jan x

Your items are lovely. I’d echo some of the other advice - your photos are not doing your items justice because of the cropping problem. It took me ages to get to grips with this. As your photos are mostly quite tall I’d advise taking them in landscape format and then cropping them to square before uploading them. That way you ensure the whole item is included. Also natural light works best (difficult at this time of year I know). The other thing I’d say is promote, promote and promote some more. A week is a very short time on here so try not to panic about not making sales yet. It took me 7 months before I got my first sale on here. Good luck with it all.

Wow thank you so much everyone for taking the time to look and respond.

Really helpful advice from everyone especially the photography which I was struggling with because of the long products! I will try retaking my shots in landscape on a bright day in natural light and include some extra close ups, items being worn and made etc.

I am relived to hear the products aren’t the problem just my photography letting it down and I need to work much harder at promoting myself, tagging better etc. So much to learn!

Thanks again, best regards, Emma