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Positives on Selling with Folksy

(Angela Snape) #21

I would have to agree with EVERYTHING that’s been said on here. I’ve only just come back to the forums but I can see (gladly) that nothing’s changed - it’s still very relaxed, friendly and helpful. Folksy is so uncomplicated, uncluttered and easy to use. I did open a shop elsewhere before Christmas (!) but put it in holiday mode not long after because I found the whole site so overwhelming. I don’t have masses of things for sale but I’m pleased with my sales so far and so I’ll be sticking with Folksy :smiley:

(Pauline Vinall) #22

Hi since I have been with folksy , I find I like the clean simple lines every thing is straight forward and uncomplicated .
Love the forums .
I am on the other side but will stay with folksy.

(Samantha Stanley) #23

I love selling on Folksy! I don’t particularly want to ship items abroad if I can help it and I agree with all of the other pluses listed above.

I never even thought about listing on “the Dark Side” after surfing their site for a bit because it seems very aggressive in it’s ethos and that has filtered through on the forum and with so many mass produced items.

The auction site is fine for selling collectibles, vintage and your kid’s old toys but it is not at all appropriate for arts or crafts. That is why their feedback criteria are so strict. If you are selling antiques, it is very easy to con people during the heat of an auction, especially if they are not able to view the object in person.

The only thing that I have found and I’m not sure if it has been mentioned (I’ve only scan read some of the posts) is that Camilla @folksycontent and Doug are real people with real pictures of them that you can actually talk to on the forums and during Folksy Hour on Twitter. That makes a HUGE difference to me. Not to mention all the other Folksy staff who post in the Forum from time to time. I personally can’t thank them enough!

Love Sam x

(Janet Blackbourn) #24

I love Folksy for lots of reasons & wholeheartedly agree with all that’s been said.
It’s a wonderful showcase for British craft, the craftspeople are so talented, friendly & helpful.
The customers are great too.
I must thank Folksy staff for always being professional & helpful when it’s been necessary to contact them.
Sales do go up & down a bit but I think that’s a seasonal thing & due to external factors rather than any fault of Folksy & I’m happy with the sales I’m achieving at the moment.

(Bea Custodio) #25

I love:
The clean design of the site
That’s it’s British
The forum!

(Angela Callanan) #26

All of the above :wink:
And this might sound a bit silly - but one thing I really like about Folksy is when you are on holiday you can still see all the items - so its always there as an online showcase of your work.

(bluebellwoodturning) #27

I concur with my fellow crafters comments and also I feel that the start up costs are very inexpensive and sales costs provide good value for money and the friendly support of others and Folksy content does help to make one feel that we can overcome the mass marketing budgets of NOTHS for example.

I also agree that the 24 hr shop window is a real bonus , I have had many orders during the wee small hours, but I have none of the costs of being open unlike Tesco for example.


(Claire Mead) #28

I love folksy and also have a shop on the auction site and the dark side but this is the one I love. I too really like the plus account as I don’t have to always be worrying about the cost of listing a new item. I love that it gives me a chance to have a shop to show my items and I’ve just reached 50 sales and has my first international sale.

(Julia K Walton) #29

As many have said, it is a great showcase for UK artists and crafters. You can order from here and have the item in a few days. I always look on Folksy first when I am looking for gifts and cards.

The forum is great - lots of helpful and positive people.

The shop is easy to manage and the annual fee is great if you want to list and re-list regularly.

I love the gift guides - I’ve found loads of great items and sellers while browsing them.

The list goes on…

Julia x :clap:

(HilaryP) #30

So nice to hear all of these lovely comments, 2016 is going to be brilliant for Folksy!!! :smile:

(Julie Maginn) #31

I too agree with everything. Folksy is like my comfort zone!! I have only looked at the dark side and really don’t like it as a customer never mind a seller. I use the auction site for non craft stuff but I really hate the feel of it over there even though it does have it’s uses. And this last couple of weeks of trying to get to grips with facebook, twitter and craftjuice when it all gets too much I pop over here for some sanity! I also have found so much helpful info in the folksy blog and forum (still have loads more to read!!). I really love my Folksy shop and how easy it is to list and alter banners etc. and the plus account, although like everyone else I always groan when renewal time comes round, I have paid more than that for a two day craft event!! I still get super excited every time I see an item of mine on the front page or get added to a gift guide and I should probably admit I am STILL addicted to the shop activity button!!!:smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #32

I love Folksy and it is the best place to be…nothing to add that hasn’t already been said…if you have a problem or a query there is ALWAYS someone to help…

(Karen Ellam) #33

Awww I’m actually welling up reading these lovely comments.

I couldn’t agree more with what other folks have said.
I just love having my little shop here.

Here’s to a great Folksy 2016


(TandMArtsandCrafts) #34

I too think Folksy is great!! :smiley:
Its great to have another place (besides my own website) to advertise our work. I have recently started using the dark side again after a couple of years away, but I agree with you @DewDropCrafts folksy is so much nicer to use. I love being a pro seller so that I can comfortably list as much as I want, where as I feel more cautious of what I’m listing over there and it doesnt seem to have the community we do on here.
At the end of the day, the more places people can find your work the better as far as I’m concerned. We are all struggling as people dont have the disposable incomes they used to have, but be patient, that’s what I say.

(Maureen Laurenson) #35

I have been here just over three years and I just love it. The forum is so friendly and informative. We can share news and shop issues together and you can always find a fellow crafter to tell your troubles to when you are upset.
We have great support from our Folksy admin team too. It feels like family here.
Altogether I am very happy with my little Folksy shop.
Maureen x

(Camilla) #36

You’ve all made my day, week and year. I think I’m going to print out this whole thread and hang it on my wall. Thank you so much for all your super-nice words, support and love for Folksy. It means the world to all of us. :two_hearts:

(Marg) #37

It’s well deserved Camila, and all the Folksy Team. I love Folksy, most importantly because it’s British. I can appreciate the hard work that has gone into setting up Folksy and maintaining such a good presentation. You deserve a pat on the back, and a piece of chocolate cake.

(Joy Salt) #38

What an excellent idea to share the thread on Facebook :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Frillyindustries) #39

We love Folksy because it’s British, has very fair policies - but most of all they’ve created a fab community of people via the forums, on Twitter, and beyond. That’s why we love Folksy. :slight_smile:

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #40

Are we going to be able to share that chocolate cake!!!