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Positives on Selling with Folksy

(Trudi Murray) #41

It was a big thing for me, opening up a ‘shop’! I looked at other options available but when I found Folksy, and read the blog, and had a look at the social media etc, the friendly tone and encouraging vibe was so appealing. It seemed like I could be myself and not have to pretend to be someone who knew everything, or someone super important. Also I hoped that I might be able to take part in the community, and be welcome.

I was right! I have always felt so welcome, and encouraged. I have high hopes for my work and endless ambitions of getting it more widely known, and I am super pleased to be here with lots of Folksy ‘friends’ (virtual ones!).


(Joy Salt) #42

Love your shop which I’ve not seen before and especially this :

(Trudi Murray) #43

Thank you, Joy! That one is a favourite of mine too!

(Bizzy Liz) #44

The main reason I love Folksy is that it is not global. I only want to sell within the UK. I tried to find my way around the other one but didn’t like the “feel” of it. There were too many options. Folksy always feels friendly and welcoming with a clean, simple layout and it is easy and quick to list. Also, this is the friendliest forum I’ve ever used. Liz x

(proggyandtweed) #45

I am fairly new on here, having joined last year. I like the fact that Folksy is for British products and has clear guidance as to what constitutes handmade. I also like the friendliness and sense of community. I enjoy the forum and get a real sense of everyone supporting each other. I haven’t made a lot of sales here as yet but even though I sell far more elsewhere, I’ll be sticking around for the reasons I’ve mentioned.

(Morag Lloyds) #46

I was away for a long time and Im back again iv had several sales, made new friends, had new visitors to my facebook page, and I like the whole folksy vibe… very happy to be back… ( and I dint leave because I was unhappy I just had a lot of other things going on in my life ) Right now I am unwell and diagnosed with long term illness …Folksy has given me a lifeline to be able to sell online… this means everything to me…

(Joy Salt) #47

Welcome back Morag to the friendly site :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Morag Lloyds) #48

Thank you !!!

(EFTLO) #49

I have just joined folksy and hopefully I will get some great positives :grin:

(Joy Salt) #50

One positive I hope you will discover very soon is that this is a very friendly, and also pretty helpful, place to be. Welcome to Folksy. :slight_smile:

(Claire Mead) #51

Sorry I posted on the wrong one again :slight_smile: so have deleted x

(atalantaninetofive) #52

Oh yes,I second the bit about the sweat shops,they only have to stamp out on a fly press and so long as it is hand operated they can claim hand made. The shops in my town are full of the stuff and at dirt cheap prices,all imported and I have seen some good jewellers go down because of it.

(atalantaninetofive) #53

Message from the dark side-don’t sign up,join folksy instead.

(Hook A Woolly) #54

I’m really happy on here. I opened my shop a good few years ago selling items I’d made but now I’m fully self-employed and I sell British wool. So the site fits the Britishness of my product. I also like how simple but pretty my page looks and how quite straight forward the shop operation is. All good :blush::+1:
Just need Folksy itself to be better promoted!

(Christine E.) #55

I rarely get a sale on the other side now, and what’s more, since they “improved” the layout, all the photos in my shop look out of focus :frowning: I think Folksy is winning when it comes to style and design. I only stay on the other side just in case one of my items from there comes up on Google. I do wish Folksy were better known, though…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #56

One of the big plus points of Folksy over some sites is Folksy doesn’t hold onto your money. I’d never sell on a site that held my money even if it was only for 12 hours. With paypal it’s mine to use straight away. For the win :smile:

(Natalie Morris) #57

I love everything about it - small, personable, British, friendly sellers, good forums. My only dissapointment is that it really doesn’t generate many sales. If it had more traffic, I’d love to sell here exclusively…

(Dawn Sneesby) #58

I love it here, much more friendly than the dark side. I also like that the Folksy staff are always on hand and get back to you almost immediately if you contact them.

(Pelin Hanley) #59

I have finally started to list my ceramics on Folksy again, after a long break.

I like Folksy for being a British company and makers being British. It’s a friendly and welcoming community of artists and crafters. Just love it here! XX

(PaulasJewelleryBox) #60

Hi Everyone. I am very new to Folksy, I have been crafting for a number of years and recently turning my hobby into a business. The help i have received is brilliant!