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Possible scam email!

Just received this email and wanted to let you all know about it. Funnily enough the lady would like me to donate my most expensive item. Not to sure if it is genuine or not but will not be donating as I prefer to choose my own charities and good causes.


You have received the following message from achildmindingmummy. To respond, simply reply to this email and your message will be sent directly to the sender’s email address:
Please note that by replying to the message, your email address will be shared with the recipient. More information.

The user was viewing the following item when they sent the message: Chevron crochet baby blanket
Feature and Giveaway

Hi my names Lotte and i have a Youtube channel -

I will be hosting a giveaway my the channel once it reaches 500 Subscribers, to help with this i was hoping you might be interested in donating something towards it and in return have it and your company featured in a video on my channel.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks
Lotte Graham
A Childminding Mummy

500 reach ?
Must be joking.
Mind you I wouldn’t even respond to anything like this for a 50,000 reach.


I’ve just googled achildmindingmummy and it’s a real person, seemingly quite popular. I don’t think it’s a scam as such, just a bit of a cheek ( although you could get a bit of publicity ).

I instantly ignore things like that if they’re lazy and haven’t even quickly checked over it to make sure it at least actually makes sense. Haha
I know a lot of things like that are fake - but if it’s real I think it’s incredibly cheeky. And yeah- a 500 reach is totally not worth it. :-/

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Thanks for the replies thought it was incredibly cheeky too. Xxx

Wow, some of the kids I teach have youtube channels with way more reach than that!


I did reply, gently pointing out that this was against Folksy rules and got a nice response :slight_smile:

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