Folksy Ltd

Fraudulent emails

(Tracey Christie) #1

Hi folks just to give you all a heads up, the scammers are still out there trying to rip you off and steal your money. I reported another fraudulent email the other day, that’s 3 I have had. If you get an email asking things like the condition of the product and is it ready to ship, forward the email to Folksy support, as it’s a scam. It’s been on for a while and I had one there as well. Folksy have a list of known fraudulent accounts, if in doubt send it to them, do not reply to the email !!!

(Deborah Jones) #2

These are so rife now ,as well as the Folksy one - this week I have had one suposedly from PayPal saying I had added a new email address and to verify, one from apple saying that my account had made a fraudulent payment and to verify , and one from a bank saying that there was unusual activity on my account (but it wasn’t a bank I use) .

You need to be so on your toes these days.

(Roz) #3

I had a text from my bank last night saying there had been unusual activity on my online account. It gave me a link to go to if I wanted “to keep account active”! I deleted the text - never click on a link for anything you are not 100% sure of.

(Jo Sara) #4

If I don’t get a daily email from HMRC about a tax refund, or some random bank that I have no account with, or Paypal, saying my access has been blocked, or that I’ve won something in a competition I never entered and I need to contact them to claim, then I feel like my day isn’t complete :wink:

(Rosecroft Crafts) #5

Hi everyone,
I have just received an email from This is a new website coming soon and they have asked me if i would be interested in supplying them wholesale with my items. The email did not contain many details, just that they would like a quote. I was wandering if anyone else had been approached or have heard of this website.

(Jo Sara) #6

Not heard of them but I’ve had emails like this before. If the website isnt up and running I’d steer clear of it. Even if they are up and running I’d treat it with caution. Asking for a wholesale price before you’ve even established your website is a bit of a cheek. There’s a lot of people that seem to think they can essentially start their own Folksy and handpick what goes onto it, then they find that marketing these sites is actually quite difficult as there are numerous others trying to do the same thing, including the makers who are supplying them. I had a clear out of my enquiry emails the other day and I found a couple of these type of emails, I checked if the websites were still there and neither of them were. Seems easy, handpick your handmade stock and just sell it, but as a maker you know how hard it is to market your stuff and be seen. I’d only consider wholesale if it was a well established site that I’d heard of, and they’d asked for a very large order that was going to be well worth my while financially. If someone wants to set up a site and offer selling space for a commission that’s not quite so bad, because you’ll only pay out when you’ve sold something. To just hand over a load of stock at wholesale to someone who just fancies giving online selling a go, no thanks.


(Rosecroft Crafts) #7

Hi Jo,

I think you are right. I’ve spent time and energy before researching materials and working out costing, and then my items not being used. I am worried that this website is not up and running too. I don’t make a lot of profit on my items anyway so I think I would lose out completely selling them wholesale. Thanks for replying.


Rosecroft Crafts.