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I have apparently messed up something on postage. My sterling silver jewellery has a postage fee of £4.50 as it comes out as a small parcel, with no extra charge for extra items. My upcycled spoon jewellery postage is only £3.00 as that fits as a large letter. However I have set an additional charge of £1.50 for an extra item, so that of they bought one silver and on spoon piece the postage would never be over £4.50. However a customer has done just that today and postage came out at £6! I’ve obviously refunded the extra, but what did I do wrong so I can rectify my listings?

The way the postage works is that it will take the most expensive main postage charge (£4.50) and then add on the additional item amount for each added item (in this case £1.50) - not the additional item amount for the original item. Is that clearer?

Kind of lol Even tho the silver item ahs postage of £4.50 and ) for additional items, it still takes the additional item charge from the cheaper postage listing?

Yes, that’s right. It’s the extra amount you would have to charge if you added that particular item into a package. Because if you had items of all different sizes/weights in your shop they might not all increase the postage by the same amount. For example, in my shop, if a customer bought 2 framed artworks it might take the parcel up to the next weight bracket so I’d have an appropriate ‘additional item’ charge - but if they bought one framed artwork and 3 pairs of earrings I definitely wouldn’t want to add the same amount on for each extra pair of earrings going into the package.

There is no perfect way to do it, there are times when I am a bit under on my postage charge (never mind, the customer has just bought loads, hooray!) or sometimes a bit over - if it’s a lot over I refund the extra.

If you can send several of your upcycled spoon jewellery pieces still as a large letter then I’d set that additional item charge to zero and all should work out the way you want it to :slight_smile:

Makes more sense now, I think I will leave as it is, as if the buy more spoon necklaces it will go into the next bracket. If it happens again, I will just partially refund postage as I have done today. Thanks so much x

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