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Postal Strike

Not sure whether to shut my shop tonight as it looks as though the postal strike is set to start on the 19th December for 5 days.

It looks like it might just be the larger post office branches that will be the worse affected as they are the ones actually staffed by post office workers. My local post office is a franchise (ie counter at the back of a corner shop), my next nearest post office is the same and I think they will be carrying on as normal as they aren’t part of the union. I’m going to change my shop announcement bringing my last posting date forward a couple of days and warning people about the strike causing delays but leave my shop open.

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They say it should only affect a small number of POs so I wouldn’t be too hasty about closing, unless you have problems getting things posted anyway.

My local PO is in a shop, and there are a few others within a short drive, so I’ll keep going and just warn buyers that there might be a delay - to be honest, the last week before Christmas is usually pretty quiet for me, so I’m not expecting it to cause too much of a problem. I think most people will get their online orders in this week, if they want them before Christmas.

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I’m closing my order books, I haven’t got time to actually make items now, but will leave my shop open, in fact I never close it or hide any item anymore even when I do craft fairs.

I’ve just looked on Twitter, they’re saying it won’t affect 97% of post offices. They will check for you if you tell them your local branch too so you’ll know if its open as usual.
Royal Mail is not affected x

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Yes, I was wondering about that, too

I think I might do the same

Thanks, that’s very helpful

I heard this on the radio whilst still half asleep the other morning and panicked, not quiet on Southern Rails scale I’m pleased to discover

There’s really not that many crown post offices (as someone else said, mostly the larger ones in towns and cities), so it shouldn’t affect most of us, and hopefully if you are someone whose nearest branch is on strike there should still be another one fairly close.

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