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Posting heavy items. Advice please


I am considering putting one of my fairly large framed pictures on here, but am not sure weather to do so as it is heavy and would be concerned about posting it and also about the cost. Can I have advice from people who have posted heavy items.

Thank you!

I have posted heavy items and I’ve always use Royal Mail but I know a lot of folks use different courier companies. I’ve never posted any large framed item because of the glass, I’ve posted paintings on a board and in a mount and the customer has framed it themselves. As for the price of the postage, if the customer is willing to pay then charge what the postage will be but you could always up the item price and lower the postage amount.

I’ve posted framed artwork several times before- size wise I’d say around 60cm square before all the packaging. I’ve just used Parcel Force and its cost around £15 + the cost of all the packaging. A lot of couriers won’t post glass though because there’s a high chance it will break in transit and they’re likely to have to fork out on their insurance. I just never said it had glass in it. They arrived without any issues. I packaged them very well though.
In the end I stopped bothering and just post artwork in tubes now. It’s just too much hassle for me to use so much packaging and then still worry about it not getting there in once piece when I can guarantee they’ll be fine in a tube- and they post for £4.40. Haha
Sorry if that wasn’t helpful.

Someone was asking the same query on a different forum I’m on after a disaster with UPS (frame destroyed, glass smashed, papercut a bit worse for wear because of the glass) and DPD and Royal Mail were both recommended for shipping framed (with glass) artwork. They probably have online price calculators so do a mock up of how you would wrap it and pop it on some scales to find the weight then put those details into the calculator, the mock up would also give you an idea of how much packaging is required so that you can work that cost in somewhere.

@FatSquirrelPhotography Hi Roxanne I use a company called Despatch Bay for my large albums (that are just over 2kgs) and also for multiple small packets. You get a choice of courier at check out (I tend to use Parcel Force) and you can either drop your pre paid parcel at the Post Office or they will collect from you. I have used them for 7 years now with (touch wood) no issues at all. Service is fully tracked and signed for. You can use this link for £25 worth of free shipping to get you started! The Helpline people are very friendly too & will talk you through the process if you have 20 questions like I did at the start!

Thanks Jan

Thank you! Will look it up.x

Thanks Sasha!

Thank You!