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(Sarah Williams) #1

Hi guys,
I have had a nightmare with My Hermes, who apparently don’t guarantee the safe delivery of items with any glass in them.

Does anyone who sells picture frames use a company they would recommend?

I am close to closing my shop, as I am loosing money from items delivered damaged!

Any advice would be great,

Sarah x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Royal mail first class small parcel would cost £3.30 and comes with upto £20 cover for items lost or damaged. I’ve never posted picture frames with them but have recieved china and glass items sent with them and only ever had 1 item broken (and frankly sending a large plate in a jiffy bag with no extra stiffening or padding is asking for problems).

(Sarah Williams) #3

Thank you sasha, I was trying to avoid Royal Mail, as they seem so expensive. I will maybe have to give them a go,


(Sasha Garrett) #4

Second class small parcel is only £2.80 which is what you are currently charging and still has the £20 cover. They aim to deliver within 3 days with second class. Not sure what MyHermes delivery times are but when I’ve been waiting to recieve orders being shipped with them it seems a long time. I’m sure the other artists will have other suggestions if you really don’t like royal mail.

(Helen Smith) #5

I don’t think anyone will guarantee safe delivery of items with glass in them. Having said that, I use Royal Mail and have had no problems (yet! touches wood) and have also posted glass items all over the world using them with only one small breakage. Maybe a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to delivery companies?

But, if you are getting a lot of breakages perhaps you need to look again at your packaging?

(Sarah Williams) #6

Thanks Sasha, :blush:

(Susan Bonnar) #7

@sarahkayedesigns I use a company called Despatch Bay for my large albums and also for multiple small packets. You get a choice of courier at check out (I tend to use Parcel Force) and you can either drop your pre paid parcel at the Post Office or they will collect from you. I have used them for 4 years now with (touch wood) no issues at all. Service is fully tracked and signed for. You can use this link for £10 worth of free shipping to get you started! The Helpline people are very friendly too & will talk you through the process if you have 20 questions like I did at the start!

(Sarah Williams) #8

Thanks Susan, I will have a look. Cheers for the link,

(Margaret Jackson) #10

I agree with Stevie. I’ve bought a lot of art on Folksy but never in a frame with glass. Far better to buy a standard size artwork and put it in a standard frame of my own choosing

(Sarah Williams) #11

Thanks Stevie, I packaged well, but the buyer said it looked like it had been handled very badly!
I had not thought about taking the glass out. Good idea!

(Samantha Stanley) #12

Hi Sarah!

Just thought I’d mention that my sister sent me a bottle of wine via Royal Mail at Xmas packaged only in a Jiffy bag, and not only did it arrive, but it arrived in one piece. I don’t know what the insurance position is, but I think they are worth the money as they have always been extremely trustworthy with my parcels.

Love Sam x

(Leslie Morton) #13

Technically all of my products are glass so there is no insurance cover for me unless the item is actually lost. There is a company one of my suppliers uses that is simply amazing. I am not sure if they do international shipments but I would take a look at their site. I’ve had about 20 deliveries from them since the beginning of January. The have 48 hours delivery, you can reschedule or redirect to a neighbours and best of all they tell you, exactly when (they give an hour time frame at 9am) they will deliver. They have been correct 100% of the time - I am truly in awe of their ability! Here is the link:

(Sarah Williams) #14

Thanks Margaret,

(Sarah Williams) #15

Thanks Samantha,