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Prices going .....UP! in July

So given the amount of time my Art / Rag dolls make after an introductory price ( and a few off line sales and online commissions ) I have decided to put prices up.

from £28 to £35 - still very reasonable I think with the work involved :slight_smile: !


I agree, i think thats still very reasonable! x

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Oh my goodness @WittyDawn These are absolutely gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes:


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aw thanks xxx the ‘boys’ are pretty cute too LOL


They are all gorgeous, well worth the higher price.

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Well worth it and more…£38 + £4 p+p still brings it to a very reasonable price tag.
Suzzie x

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When I was a little girl my great aunt used to make these and I remember well watching her and seeing how much time and work goes into each one! Your prices are definitely very reasonable :blush: Loving your dolls by the way​:heart:

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Thanks very much!

Taking them to a local Vintage and Artisans fair at the Corn Hall , Cirencester this Sundays ( 2nd July ) so it will be interesting to get some feedback on them / price as well

I put my prices up for the local arts trail last month and sold very successfully so decided to give it a try on here too. No one biting yet but then no one was buying here anyway so will just wait and see. Your dolls are gorgeous btw. Good luck.

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It’s normally a quiet time of year - although I’ve been quite busy unusually this year - so it’s a good time to do new designs I find