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Pricing items

(Wanda) #1

Do you think that items can be priced too cheap and therefore put people off because they perceive poor quality rather than someone just making and want to recoup a little from sale of an item plus the pleasure at having sold something! I’m sure this is well-worn topic but think maybe I am in the wrong place if that’s all I want to do, this is a means for me to reduce my stash and pleasure I get from making rather than seeing it as an income.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I think there’s room here for all different kinds of sellers and a whole range of prices.

(Donna) #3

If you put that in the meet the seller section so people know you’re selling to recoup the cost of making them rather than selling at low prices because the work isn’t good. Hope this helps.

Donna x

(Liz Clark) #4

@WANDA yes I do think some people will think that. For example we all know what it feels like to buy at the £1 shop and we won’t necessarily value or expect those items to have quality at their forefront. But If you were to buy a similar item say from Liberty it would feel special and we would expect it to last. Quite a few magazines compare latest couture fashions but show how you can get similar on the high street like Primark, but you can bet your bottom dollar you’d feel very special indeed in the couture version. It’s because buyers like to have a personal relationship with what they buy and like to feel special and that it’s exclusive and just for them.

Dixie at Handmade Lives has written a good article about pricing ( and I also started a post on here a wee while ago now.

Having said all that it really is up to you, they’re your products and you’re the creator, so can sell them however you wish and whatever price you wish. If you don’t want the money you could always donate to charity?!?