Folksy Ltd

Pricing right

I have not had a sale in quite a few months, Are they too expensive?

They don’t seem expensive to me given the work that must go into them, and they are beautiful :slight_smile:

They are beautiful, it might be my eyes, but the photos don’t seem to be totally in focus, which is a shame, as I can see how much work has gone into your quilts. Some really good close ups would be nice too. It’s good you have a business facebook page, is there any reason you don’t put your lovely bibs and bags and other goodies in your shop? Other than that, it is a really slow time for sales, but the better months are ahead of us. Don’t give up yet. You’ve had sales before and will again.:blush:

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Don’t forget to make use of all of your tags. :blush:

Hi Sue,
The reason the bibs are not in my shop is I have craft fair next week which I made them for but any left over I will put in my shop.
Thankyou for your interest.