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Pricing to high

Hi everyone just asking if you think my greetings cards are priced to high…i dont want to overprice, criticism welcome i wont be offended…:smiley:

Certiantly not I’ve seen cards cost more in high street shops.

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To be honest with you, I don’t think you are charging enough. Especially for the £3.00 ones that come with a box included. The ones that stick out to me are your ‘flower valentines card’ and ‘Mother’s day card’ with the blue ribbon and flowers on.

The amount of work that obviously goes into them I just don’t know how you are making any money.
If I saw a boxed card in the shops, I would think that they would at least start from £5.00 ( and that’s being conservative ).

The 2 cards that I mentioned above would be great if you offered them as personalised as well. :grinning:


Your work is lovely.
All I’m going to say is have you seen how much these card shops charge for their mass produced cards and gifts? And they say some are ‘handmade’ because someone has stuck a bow or a little gem on :wink:

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Your cards are lovely and certainly not overpriced.

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Definitely not. If I buy cards I tend to go to cute little boutique shops to get something a bit different. But to be honest- I end up coming across all the same cards or definitely the same style of card and they seem to cost a minimum of £3.60 (prices I’d pay back home in the north east of england). I can’t remember the last time I paid less than that.

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Hello Debi. Many of your cards look sumptuous, sophisticated and luxurious. With descriptions to match. Definitely not too pricey. In my view, the prices you are charging are for more straightforward printed cards. Of course, you want to sell more… you could certainly put a little more of your unique style and thought in to some of your tags and titles. Lovely work. Paul ;0)

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Thank you everyone :slight_smile: your comments are very supportive…i will get myself sorted…:smiley:

Very much appreciated you taking the time to comment

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